PNM Park, made possible by a generous $15,000 PNM Power Up grant, opened in the Trumbull Village Neighborhood on Thursday, transforming the corner of San Joaquin Ave. and Virginia St. outside Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic. The new xeriscaped area spans approximately 3,800 square feet and added 60 new drought-resistant plants, shrubs and trees. It serves both clients of our Clinic and our neighbors, providing a safe, welcoming and well-lit area to relax, congregate and walk neighborhood pets. Visitors to the park may also learn about the various foliage installed with the help of educational signage.

“We are proud to partner with Animal Humane, an organization working to build a stronger community,” said Diane Harrison Ogawa, executive director of the PNM Resources Foundation. ”We know that when our employees volunteer their time and we add our Foundation dollars, great things happen in our community.”

In a year, our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic provides services to more than 5,500 community pets owned by income qualifying clients. In a day, an average of 25 clients will wait outside for their appointment. The creation of PNM Park helps us provide additional space for our Clinic clients to comfortably wait with their pets, preventing overcrowding in our waiting room, and reducing the stress of our visitors. It also adds several walking paths that can be used for exercising pets off of hot cement or asphalt.

The park was constructed with the help of many volunteers from community business partners, and 156 hours of labor. A team from PNM assisted in removing old shrubs, rocks and retaining walls. Animal Humane’s Facilities Team and Executive Director worked diligently to plant, and volunteers from Canon and the Young Professionals of Albuquerque assisted in moving 63 tons of fine gravel.

For decades, this corner has housed a historic granite fountain, gifted to Albuquerque in 1908 by the National Humane Alliance of New York City. Originally installed at Broadway and Central, the fountain was intended for animals to drink from – particularly dogs and horses. It moved around Albuquerque until finally, fittingly, finding its way to Animal Humane in 1975. PNM Park now provides a beautiful setting for this unique piece of Albuquerque history.

Animal Humane New Mexico has served Albuquerque pets for 50 years, and has been an integral part of the Trumbull Village Neighborhood since 1969. We are excited to help create a public space for our community and its pets!