Our mission is to support and improve the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education and veterinary services. To make a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, please click here.


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  • Travel Tips

    Make sure your dog is wearing an easy to read ID tag on their collar. Ensure your pet’s microchip information is up-to-date. Not sure? http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ will tell you which registry has your pet’s chip info. And, veterinarians and shelters can scan your pet and provide you with the number for no cost! When stopping for rest breaks, keep your pet leashed. Never leave your pet alone in the car. Confirm in advance that your lodgings are pet friendly. Pack extra supplies, like pet food and medication, just in case! For longer trips, make sure you have enough food and water easily accessible to feed your pet while on the go. Exercise your pet before you get into the car to give you both a relaxing start to your trip. If your dog is uncrated, check the child locks on your rear windows to make sure your dog cannot accidently open the window and escape. If your dog is uncrated, consider purchasing a pet seat belt. It will reduce the chance that your companion can escape when you open a door. Keep your cat in a carrier while in the car. Do not allow pets in the front seat unless they are in a carrier and buckled in. In case of a crash they could be injured by the dashboard, the airbag, or worse! Keep a pet-specific first aid kit in your car. Click here to download ours! Want to help us spread the word about summer safety? Click here to make a donation to Animal Humane New Mexico today.
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  • Alternatives to leaving your pet in the car

    Never leave your dog unattended in the car!  If you see a dog trapped in a hot car, try to locate the owner or call 911! Use the drive through at restaurants, pharmacies and banks. Get help from a friend or family member or hire a pet sitter who can entertain your pet while you run errands. Shop at pet-friendly stores that allow your (leashed!) canine companion inside*: Automobiles: Garcia Subaru Clothing, Home Goods & Misc: Home Goods Nordstrom Rack Tractor Supply Co. Home Improvement: Ace Hardware Lowe’s Outdoor Living: Sports Systems Cabela’s Pet Stores: Long Leash On Life Clark’s Pet Emporium Jack & Rascal’s PetSmart Petco Don’t see your favorite store listed? Give them a call and ask! Enjoy the breeze at cafes & restaurants with pleasant pet-ios. The restaurants below are great friends to homeless pets: Boxing Bear Brewing Company Dialogue Brewing Geckos Bar & Tapas Holy Burger Marble Brewery O’Neill’s Pub SteelBender  Brewyard Tractor Brewing Company   Leave your pet at home! Concerned about your pet’s separation anxiety or poor behavior when they are left alone? Call our FREE Behavior Helpline for advice and information on ways to help your pet behave when home alone: 505.938.7900. Want to help us spread the word about summer safety? Click here to make a donation to Animal Humane New Mexico today. *Even though these stores have confirmed they are pet-friendly, please call ahead to confirm if your shopping plans cannot be changed. Active Animal Humane partners are listed in bold.
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  • you are curing ringworm

    Make a one-time donation: Submit 172 & counting! That’s the number of felines you have helped cure of ringworm since our talented Animal Care Team opened our dedicated treatment ward in June 2014. A welcomed quarantine addition during our Project Humane renovations, our feline and canine Ringworm Wards offer a quiet retreat for recovery. During treatment training, my greatest discovery was the warm welcome our isolated kitties give our team upon their 8 am arrival. Rather than retreating into their spacious housing, they greet us enthusiastically & walk right into the hands that quickly lead them to their next Lyme Sulphur bath. After each cat is dipped & wiped down with washcloths to ensure thorough coverage, they quickly — and quite literally — shake it off and look forward to breakfast. In addition to delicious wet & dry food and new sterilized toys, bedding & blankets, they seek affection from our team who expertly convey through spoken word & gentle touch that their treatment is not only necessary — it paves the way to feeling better & being adopted. Your giving makes the specialized treatments given throughout our campus possible! May you always know the gratitude our team feels for being able to offer each pet in our shelter the care & resources they need to become healthy, confident, beloved pets! Donna M. Stumpf Executive Director Download the latest Paws for Thought now!
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