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  • Meet Animal Humane Alum Tom

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Years before Project Fetch was initiated, people would sometimes bring a cat or dog to Animal Humane from a shelter outside of Albuquerque. Tom was one of these cats. He came as a stray to the Valencia County shelter, where a volunteer noticed him because he was so sweet and people-oriented. She decided to bring Tom to Animal Humane with the thought that he would find a home more quickly in Albuquerque. As luck would have it, I was volunteering in the Animal Humane cattery on the right Sunday.  A long time Animal Humane employee, James Bonecutter, brought Tom into the cattery from the intake area.  Once in his new cage, Tom proceeded to eat his entire bowl of dry cat food. “Wow,” I thought, “this cat must be very hungry.” So I gave him a bit more dry food, which he also ate.  At that point, I decided to get him out and brush him since eating too much all at once didn’t seem like a good idea. He loved being brushed and had a very loud purr. What a sweet cat he was! Several days later Tom was transferred to the Animal Humane adoption center at PetSmart on Eubank to look for his new family. One day, a week or so after first seeing Tom, my partner Kay and I were driving along Eubank when she asked me if I wanted to drop in at PetSmart to see how Tom was doing.  I had told her all about Tom and what a great cat he was.  We went into PetSmart only to realize that the adoption center was not open that day. We peeked through the window and could see that Tom was not a happy cat. His head was hanging down and his ears were flat. Clearly he did not feel well. In those days, Animal Humane did not have the veterinary or fostering resources it has now. We feared that Tom was doomed. Kay asked me, “What should we do?” We decided to adopt Tom. We called Animal Humane and a staff member came over to PetSmart to fill out the adoption paperwork. We left with Tom in a carrier and took him directly to our veterinarian who determined that he had URI and ear mites. We nursed him back to health over the next couple of weeks.  Once healthy, it was clear that Tom had a self-assured manner, loved attention from people and was confident around dogs and other cats.  Tom’s extroverted nature makes him the official greeter when the doorbell rings. Tom’s sweet nature also made him a natural as a therapy cat. When Animal Humane received a request for a cat to visit a woman nearing the end of her life, I volunteered Tom. I knew he would not be afraid in the new setting. In fact, he was very sweet and loving to her, and subsequently the woman asked to see a kitten! According to the woman’s daughter, seeing and petting felines over the next few weeks helped to extend this woman’s life several additional months. Over the years Kay and I have fostered many cats, kittens and dogs, and invariably Tom steps in to show them the way things work at our house. Tom has been a “big brother” to numerous foster kittens. A notable kitten, Orbit, is now a beloved member of Animal Humane Executive Director Donna Stumpf’s family. Because Tom is not afraid of dogs, he has often been used as a “test cat” to see if a dog would be friendly to cats.  [...]
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  • Annual Fund Drive

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Your Annual Fund Drive gift will transform lives for homeless pets in New Mexico. Pets like Milo & Otis, a cat and dog who had been living together on the mesa south of Albuquerque — taking refuge from the elements under an abandoned truck. After a concerned woman had gained their trust by visiting them with food and water for several weeks, she was able to bring them to Animal Humane where your generosity made it possible for us to care for them.. We noticed that Milo, a 1-year-old Domestic Short Hair, and Otis, an 8-month-old Shepard cross. both became nervous when they were separated. Reuniting them after their sterilization surgeries, it was clear they were bonded and needed to stay together. Shy Otis blossomed when Milo was with him. And, the sweet feline enjoyed checking on his pup after making the rounds for loving strokes from our Adoptions Team. In 2017, Animal Humane New Mexico gave 4,082 homeless cats and dogs a new start. We know that each one is worthy of love, snuggles and a life as someone’s perfect pet, but we cannot give them that opportunity without your help. Because of your generosity, Milo and Otis were able to remain a dynamic duo, and they were adopted into the same loving home after only 7 days in our care. Please help us meet the needs of the thousands of homeless cats, dogs, puppies and kittens who will need Animal Humane, and you, in 2018 by making an Annual Fund Drive gift today.
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  • love & lessons to last you a lifetime

    Pets impact our lives in countless ways…the ones we adore today…as well as the ones we’ve been fortunate enough to love through the years. Each day, I experience a flood of emotions brought on by my children, Orbit & Sassafras. Happiness from their comedic & acrobatic feats. Calmness as I hold them in my arms. Gratitude for all they teach me. Love for the friendship we share. And that’s the beauty of having pets in our lives…their love & lessons stay with us forever. These important lessons arrive spontaneously as well as through years of cohabitation and, in some cases, though shared instruction. The Center at Animal Humane, following the completion of our Phase I construction, offers numerous new ways to learn & connect with your beloved pets. From agility classes, which attract pet owners throughout the metro area and Land of Enchantment as well as neighboring states to behavior training offered in our renovated 2,500 square-foot dedicated building. In both arenas, dogs & owners are learning new tricks, honing skills & strengthening their bonds with one another. The same is true for cat owners who benefit from our seminar classes taught in our new training space. In every instance, our two & four-footed pupils increase their understanding and appreciation of one another. Life is full of important lessons…and to be fortunate enough that some lead to more happiness, laughter and love is the ultimate reward. Our newest development is focused on sharing our expertise with pet owners so that they and their pets experience years of bliss together. The added benefit of receiving valuable instruction at The Center is that it’s part of our 501(c)(3) organization, and all classes ultimately sustain our shelter’s diverse and impactful programming. So, by training at The Center, you’ll experience our expert instructors, bond more closely with your pet and help us save more lives! If you are looking for the perfect present this holiday season — or wish to start the New Year off on the right paw — visit TheCenter.AnimalHumaneNM.org to enroll in the gift that keeps on giving. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your pets to create more love that lasts a lifetime! Wishing you happiness always, Donna M. Stumpf Executive Director Click here to download this month’s newsletter!
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