Animal Humane’s mission includes providing humane education to children and adults alike.  We offer a broad curriculum both in local schools and on our campus.  Camp Humane, for ages 8 – 13, offers a wide range of topics and activities to teach how to care for pets and how to treat them humanely and respectfully.  Our expert staff is also available to give informative presentations to community groups and businesses on animal welfare issues and solutions. We also partner with other animal welfare organizations in the community like Paws and Stripes, and work with the Warm Hearts Network to evaluate pets as potential candidates for their outreach programs.

  • 505 Pit Crew

    Join the 505 Pit Crew and help Animal Humane work to end dog fighting and reverse the negative image of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes.  505 Pit Crew is an inclusive program aimed at both educating youth about animal abuse and cruelty in our state and helping Pit Bull type dog owners build well-mannered 'Ambassadogs' to help change the image of these great dogs in our community. Our 505 Pit Crew education program provides youth in 6th grade and up presentations that explore the negative impacts of cruelty and abuse on pets, people and our communities, and inspires youth to take action in their own life to prevent such violence.   505 Pit Crew training classes are 8-week courses for proud Pit Bull owners who would like to explore obedience training and agility for fun to help teach their dogs the great behaviors that make a true Ambassadog.  We'll also explore how dogs learn to help owners become excellent advocates for their Pit Bulls and all dogs. To schedule a 505 Pit Crew presentation for your classroom or to find out more about Pit Crew educational opportunities, please contact: Ellen Schmidt, Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Services; [email protected] Our Community's Need 505 Pit Crew is a youth-oriented program aimed at addressing illegal dogfighting here in New Mexico, which most often affects Pit Bull type dogs and takes place for illegal gambling or gang-related purposes. Many of the people who become involved in dogfighting activities are introduced to it before the age of 9 and are forcing their own dogs to fight by their teen years. Studies have shown that involvement in dogfighting often leads to involvement in other serious crimes. Young people involved in dogfighting therefore not only hurt their dogs, but eventually themselves and their communities. 505 Pit Crew combines humane education and outreach with low cost dog training classes in an effort to provide community members with the education and tools needed to become excellent advocates for companion animals in our communities. Do You Own a Pit Bull? The Pit Crew offers 8-week training courses specifically for Pit Bull-type dogs and their owners. Dogs receive real-world obedience training in attention, sit, down, stay, polite walking and coming when called. We also address more complex topics such as working with reactive dogs, teaching our dogs focus in the face of distractions, and exciting fun and games for dogs and owner teams. Common behavior concerns will be also be addressed. Pit Crew classes are $20 for owners ages 12-20 years, and $50 for owners over the age of 20. View upcoming classes on our Training Class page. For Parents and Educators Help us Educate through 505 Pit Crew! To reach students with anti-fighting, anti-cruelty messages, 505 Pit Crew offers classroom presentations for middle and high school classes. If you are an educator, parent, or Pit Bull-owning teen or adult interested in helping 505 Pit Crew in its mission to end dog fighting in New Mexico, consider inviting the 505 Pit Crew into your classroom! Pit Crew presentations use slide shows, classroom discussion and activities to introduce the concept that dogfighting is a crime that is harmful to the dogs, human participants, and the entire community. Presentations also touch upon topics such as the violence of animal cruelty, dogs as companions (not fighters), and responsible ownership practices like spay/neuter and the importance of socialization. Two presentation formats are available: Our single visit presentation, “The Real Face of Dogfighting,” can be provided as either a 60 or 90 minute presentation. Students learn what dogfighting is, explore why young fighters might become involved, and then dig [...]
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  • ASPCA Community Partnership

    Animal Humane New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department are collaborating through the support of grants from the ASPCA and PetSmart Charities to increase adoptions and decrease pet intakes throughout Albuquerque shelters. Together, Albuquerque’s ASPCA Community Partnership: Increases the number of shelter pets placed in homes through joint adoption events Increases the reunification of pets with their owners through licensing, microchips, and identification tags Increases the wellness of owned Albuquerque pets by providing vaccinations and microchips at community Pet Health Fairs Decreases the homeless pet population through a $10 Spay/Neuter Voucher Program for Albuquerque residents Decreases the number of owned pets surrendered to shelters by offering pet retention resources The *$10 Spay/Neuter Voucher Program is available to Albuquerque residents who own felines, Chihuahuas, Pit Bulls, or canines who weigh/are expected to weigh 40 lbs. at full grown and are 4-months to 6-years-old. The $10 copay includes the spay/neuter surgery, FREE vaccinations, and a FREE microchip. There is no voucher limit per client. Pets over 6-years-old are not eligible. $10 Spay/Neuter Vouchers are available at: Animal Humane’s Main Campus on 615 Virginia St. SE Animal Humane’s Westside Adoption Center on 10141 Coors Blvd. NW Albuquerque Animal Welfare's Eastside Shelter on 8920 Lomas Blvd. NE Albuquerque Animal Welfare's Westside Shelter on 11800 Sunset Gardens Rd. SW Lucky Paws in Coronado Shopping Center on 6600 Menaul Blvd. NE *An additional $50 fee is required for dogs 4 – 6-years-old, dogs weighing over 90 lbs., and dogs who are pregnant or cryptorchids. An additional $50 fee is required for cats 4 – 6-years-old and cats who are cryptorchids. An additional $20 fee is required for cats who are pregnant. If complications arise or medication is deemed necessary, payment is the responsibility of the pet owner. For more information please contact: Partnership Adoption Events Manager Melissa Hubbell 505.938.7892 [email protected] Partnership Outreach Manager Leah Remkes 505.938.7872 [email protected] Date/Time Event 08/19/2018 8:00 am - 9:00 am $5 Pet Health Fair/Feria de Salud para Mascotas Carlos Rey Elementary School, Albuquerque NM
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  • Camp Humane

    Our 4-acre Main Campus makes the perfect setting for animal-loving youth ages 5 - 13 to learn more about caring and advocating for companion pets. Through learning activities and crafts, animal interactions, visits from special guests and field trips to other animal-welfare organizations, campers spend their time with us exploring topics such as: how to care for and train many types of companion animals how to be responsible pet guardians careers with animals animal welfare the challenges that animals face how humans can help. Each camp session is led by Animal Humane’s professional Humane Educators, with help from Animal Humane Education Volunteers and, during the summer, Youth Volunteer Counselors, trained students age 15-18 who wish to volunteer some of their summer hours to help homeless pets and their community. 2018 Summer Camp Sessions Unleash your child's love of pets this summer at Camp Humane! For 2018, Camp Humane offers the following sessions: Camp Humane Junior half-day camp (Ages 5 - 7): June 11 - 14 Session 1 (Ages 8 - 10): June 18 - 22 Session 2 (Ages 8 - 10): June 25 - 29 Session 3 (Ages 11 - 13): July 9 - 13 Session 4 (Ages 11 - 13): July 16 - 20 Camp Humane Junior runs Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 12:30 pm. All other sessions run Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. See additional details in our FAQ. Registration opens March 18, 2018. Junior Volunteer Counselors Junior Volunteer Counselors are teen volunteers who assist the Learn Humane Educators as they teach campers about humane attitudes and responsible pet care during the week-long summer sessions of Camp Humane. Camp Humane includes four 1-week sessions for campers ages 8-13 years old, and a Camp Humane Junior session for campers ages 5-7 years old. Each day, campers will participate in new games, visits with guest speakers, arts and crafts and other activities aimed at teaching them how to be compassionate towards others and be kind and act responsibly to the pets we share our lives with. Junior Volunteer Counselors help with every aspect of camp, leading games and activities, supervising and guiding the campers, and assisting with basic set-up and tear-down throughout the day. Junior Volunteer Counselors will always be paired with one of our two staff Humane Educators. Qualifications: Must be 15-18 years of age Enthusiasm for helping animals and working with children ages 8-13. Patience, maturity, a strong sense of responsibility, dependability and a willingness to learn Strong verbal communication skills with both adults and children Great attitude and willingness to take on new challenges Interest in giving your time in a fun volunteer activity Interest in learning more about animal welfare topics and teaching others Required knowledge about working safely with animals will be taught Daily Duties: Our Junior Volunteer Counselors will prepare activity supplies for the Humane Educators (before and after camp); assist in presenting curriculum and leading activities; assist with set-up and clean up; monitor children, including during animal interactions, ensuring safety and a fun and compassionate learning environment; inspire and motivate campers by maintaining an enthusiastic attitude about animal welfare. Junior Volunteer Counselors will work closely with at least two Animal Humane staff members and 1-2 other Junior Volunteer Counselors to accomplish each day’s tasks. Time Commitment: Volunteering as a Junior Counselor will provide approximately 35 - 50 hours of service/volunteer hours. Junior Volunteer Counselors must be able to commit to assisting at one full week of camp. Regular camp sessions run Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4 pm, and Camp Humane Junior runs Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm. Counselors [...]
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  • Learn Humane – Youth Education

    Humane education is the first brick in the road toward a more humane and compassionate community! Through educational and outreach programs, Learn Humane introduces New Mexico’s youth and adults to concepts, skills and resources that help humans build kind and compassionate relationships with their companion pets and one another. Respect, responsibility, kindness, compassion, and citizenship These are the qualities we want our children to acquire to ensure a positive community to come. Learn Humane Youth brings these concepts to your students through events and activities that encourage them to consider the needs of companion pets and how their own actions affect others, both people and pets. Class Presentations Bring Learn Humane to your classroom! Our class or group presentations cover a variety of humane topics and are available for all grade levels. They can be offered to single or multiple classes and can be scheduled Monday – Friday, 7  am – 5 pm. See list of available lessons below. Group Tours Tours of our Main Campus are offered to youth and adult visitors. They are able to be scheduled Monday – Friday from 10 am – 5 pm. Tours can be combined with any Learn Humane lesson listed below. Tours typically require 1 hour, and tours plus presentation require 2 hours. [kleo_divider type="full" position="center" text="Lessons for Grades K - 4"] Pet Care Basics What do pets need from people? Students learn about responsible pet ownership while taking turns choosing pet care items from our “grab bag,” learning what the items are and why pets need them. Through group questions, we’ll explore how pets are similar to people. This presentation is ideal for K-2nd grade classes learning about pets and animals, but is open to students through 5th grade. This presentation helps meet the following NM State Education Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.K-4.1, 3 Health Ed K-4 Benchmark 1 Content Standard 1 Health Ed K-4 Benchmark 2 Content Standard 3 Social Studies K-4 Benchmark IIID Strand: Civics & Gov’t. Content Standard III Grades K - 5 Requires 45 - 60 minutes Be a Tree Dog Bite Prevention Program Did you know that half of all children are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old? Luckily, many bites can be prevented through education. This fun and interactive presentation is perfect for all students grades K - 4. Be A Tree introduces children to tools to use to be safe with dogs. Students will learn basics about dog body language and how to make good choices and act safely around strange dogs and with their own. The “Be a Tree” program is an innovative and interactive dog bite prevention education program created by the non-profit organization Doggone Safe. To learn more about this great resource for children and adults, please visit Please note: Due to the nature of bite prevention education, visitor dogs do not attend Be A Tree presentations. This presentation helps meet the following New Mexico State Education Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.K-4.1 CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.K-4.3 Health Education Content Standard 3, K - 4 Benchmark 3 and 6 Health Education Content Standard 5, K - 4 Benchmark 1 Grades K-4 Requires 45-60 minutes Careers with Animals In this fun, interactive presentation students will explore 4 careers caring for animals that can all be found in Albuquerque with help from classmates. Recommended for 3rd grade and up. This presentation helps meet the following New Mexico State Education Standards: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.1 CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.2.1, 3.1 Civics and Government K - 4 Benchmark IIID 2.2, 3.2 Grades 3 - 5 Requires 45 - 60 minutes Special Request Presentations Do you have a companion animal related topic you’d like to [...]
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  • Paws and Stripes

    Paws and Stripes is a local nonprofit that evaluates our shelter pets to determine if they are possible candidates to become service dogs for veterans, often working with mobility issues or disorders like post-traumatic stress syndrome. Although not every dog identified is selected by a veteran to be a part of the multi-year program, this evaluation allows us to learn which pets are possible candidates for service-dog training for families or individuals requiring this type of companion.
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  • Project Fetch

    Animal Humane is committed to saving more lives, and not just in Albuquerque where our offices and adoption sites are located. Project Fetch is a critical program serving shelters throughout New Mexico. Project Fetch is a flagship program that demonstrates the commitment to statewide animal welfare change communicated by our organization’s name, Animal Humane New Mexico. In many parts of our state, homeless pets reside in overcrowded and underfunded shelters that may be unable to rehome as many pets as they would like. Project Fetch works with these rescues and shelters to transfer pets to our facility, where we can give them a second chance at finding a forever home. Since 2008, over 5,500 pets have made the life-saving journey from shelters in Roswell, Artesia, Torrance County, Gallup, Aztec, Chama, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Espanola, Clovis, Artesia, Carrizozo, and Valencia County to name a few. We also regularly transfer in pets from our partners at the City of Albuquerque, Los Ranchos, and Rio Rancho. During our 2013-14 fiscal year, 1,366 pets arrived at Animal Humane as part of this program, 446 from the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department. In most cases, once the transfer has been approved, these shelters bring the animals to us. All pets must be pre-approved and have received vaccinations at least 72 hours prior to transport. For more information on this life-saving program, please contact Sam Blankenship, Adoption Operations Director at 505.938.7901 or [email protected]
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  • Tours and Presentations

    Animal Humane Main Campus Tours are an excellent way for adult or student groups to learn how Animal Humane serves our pets and pet owners. Adults: Tour groups meet our pet residents and learn first-hand about how our efforts improve the lives of New Mexico pets and pet owners. Tours are offered Monday – Friday from 10 am – 5 pm and last approximately 1 hour. To schedule a Learn Humane Adult tour, presentation or educational booth for your group, please submit an online application or contact Ellen Schmidt, Senior Director of Outreach and Volunteer Programs at 505.938.7863 or [email protected] Youth: Students learn humane lessons about what pets need, the importance of spay/neuter and why adopting a pet is a great option. Tours are offered Monday – Friday from 10 am – 5 pm. Tours are recommended for children over the age of 8, last approximately 2 hours and include a brief presentation. Can’t make it to our Main Campus? Animal Humane will come to you! Our adult presentations for groups introduce Animal Humane and the programs we offer. Speaker presentations require approximately 1 hour. Animal Humane educational booths can be booked for larger group events. Our Outreach Volunteers speak with event participants about the comprehensive Circle of Care programs we offer pets and pet owners. Our team can also present a variety of presentations for schools and student groups.
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  • Warm Hearts Network

    Is your dog friendly, gentle, well-mannered and extremely socially motivated? If so, you and your dog may work together to touch the lives of those in need by being a Warm Hearts team! The Warm Hearts Network is a group of trained volunteers and their dogs who provide Animal Assisted Activities and volunteer visiting teams in the community. Our handler-dog teams are screened, evaluated and then registered to visit healthcare facilities, schools, senior living and activity centers, hospice and other locations to bring comfort and enjoyment to program participants. To participate in the Warm Hearts Network your dog must: Be two years of age or older Have been a part of your family for 6 months or more Display exceptional behavior & social personality  Be extraordinarily tolerant & well behaved in new environments Be able to pass a registration evaluation with you as the handler (Team Testing) Frequently, the Warm Hearts Network identifies adoptable shelter dogs as potential Warm Hearts team candidates. These dogs have been evaluated through a screening assessment and would be wonderful additions to the program as well as great family dogs.   In addition to volunteer visiting teams, we also help prepare professional teams consisting of licensed professionals ( in health care, education and human services) who use dogs in their professions. For more information on the Warm Hearts Network, or to inquire about becoming a Warm Hearts Team, contact [email protected] View our calendar of events below. The Process Volunteer Visiting Teams Screening (held three times per year, see calendar below): No Fee WHN Test Prep Class (optional; for teams that need additional training prior to testing): $100 for 7 weeks WHN Entry Level Handlers' Workshop (held three times per year; required for all new teams prior to Team Testing): $15 per handler (for couples, both handlers must attend) Veterinary Screening Team Testing (held three times per year, see calendar below): $15 per team (handler+dog team - couples must each pass as handler) Registration for Volunteer Visiting Teams: $30/team or $50/couple plus $15 for 2 Year ID card Registration for Professional Teams is $30 for the initial test. Renewal for Volunteer Visiting Teams is every two years ($15 test fee, $30 registration). Renewal for Professional Teams is each year ($15 test, $20 registration per team per year). Phase II for Professional Teams (those using their dog to assist with work in professional health care or education setting): All of the above, followed by: Contact your state professional licensing board and obtain a copy of your professions standards and scope of practice/governing statutes, and continuing education requirements. Participate in professional level continuing education/coursework for animal assisted therapy/animal assisted education is one local organization that provides continuing education for licensed professionals. . Screening (No Fee) Sharing your dog with others can be a fun experience. In order to be successful, you and your dog should both enjoy going new places and meeting new people. A good handler+dog team has excellent communication, both verbal and non-verbal. WHN Teams have basic obedience training and interact with each other and community members in a calm and friendly manner. WHN Teams use humane training and handling techniques, and do not rely on physical force such as pushing the dog’s hips into a sit position, using choke chains, or jerking/popping the leash for compliance. To qualify for a screening: Dog is at least 2 years old Dog has been part of your family for at least 6 months Dog displays exceptional behavior skills and social personality Dog enjoys interactions with other people Dog is not easily overwhelmed by novel noises, sights, touch, or smells Dog [...]
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