Cats Around Town

Cats Around Town (CAT) is our off-site adoption program created to help re-home cats outside the typical shelter environment. Animal Humane teams up with local businesses who love cats to place adoptable felines in their stores. This gives our cats even more exposure to potential adopters and allows us to care for more homeless pets at our Main Campus and Westside Adoption Center.

Our Impact

  • Since CAT began in 2009, 1,530+ cats have been re-homed through the program.
  • In 2017, the CAT program generated 19% of Animal Humane’s adult cat adoptions.
  • In 2017, each CAT partner adopted out an average of 25 cats.

Cats around town has been nothing but excellent. The ultimate merger of social interest, video games and cats, meets our store with a flavor that has been well received not only by the customers who have enjoyed the presence of our feline companions, but for the countless homes that have welcomed our furry guests. I’m thankful not only for the CAT program, but the individuals who have optimized the experience for all of us at the shop.

Jon Sakura

Owner, Gamers Anonymous

How Does it Work?

Animal Humane supplies CAT Partners with everything your company needs, including a Cat Condo, for your feline’s comfort, as well as the essentials for quality, loving care. Additionally, CAT Partners are equipped to complete adoptions onsite.

Become a CAT Partner today by contacting our CAT Program Coordinator at or 505.264.5919.

Please note: CAT Partners are not available as a location to surrender your pet. For more information on re-homing your pet or our Admissions guidelines, please call us at 505.255.5523 ext. 115 .

Meet Our Cats Around Town Partners

Clark’s Pet Emporium

11200 Menaul Blvd NE

Gamers Anonymous

1512 Wyoming Blvd NE
Suite C

Clark’s Pet Emporium

4914 Lomas Blvd NE

Title Wave Books, revised

2318 Wisconsin St NE

Jack & Rascal’s

4401 Montano Blvd NW