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  • Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Weekend

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Weekend July 5th is one of our busiest days of the year at Animal Humane. On that day we receive, along with the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department, the largest number of strays and lost pets. Many pets escape their yards on July 4th due to fear of fireworks. While our families and friends may enjoy the sound and beautiful display provided by fireworks shows on Independence Day, many pets become frightened and flee the safety of their homes to escape the loud noises and flashing lights. With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure your pets stay safe this holiday weekend: Leave your pet at home – do not bring pets to see fireworks displays or leave them in the car; Keep dogs and cats inside – frightened dogs can escape a fenced-in yard, from a chain, or might bolt through an invisible fence; Make sure pets are wearing their ID tags should they become lost and disoriented from the commotion; Place pets in an area away from open windows or screen doors – try a hallway or bathroom.  Make sure the area is ventilated and that there is nothing they can destroy or that can cause injury to them. While some dogs seek comfort in their crate, now is NOT the time to introduce a pet to a crate.  Crating a fearful dog can cause mental and physical damage to the pet; Plan to feed and walk your dog well in advance of any anticipated fireworks in your area.  Try not to walk your dog around dusk when fireworks displays typically begin; Leash them, leash them, leash them! If you must take your dog for a walk while fireworks are going on, leash him or her; As always, consult with your animal hospital regarding what’s best for your pets.  If you believe your dog needs to be sedated, discuss it with your veterinarian before giving your dog ANY drug. Help a lost pet find its home. Take the animal to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter to have it scanned for a microchip. If the pet has a microchip implanted, the owners can often be contacted immediately and reunited with their pet that same day! If the pet is not microchipped, upload the pet's information to our Lost & Found Database (https://animalhumanenm.org/pets/db/) and report a found pet with the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.
  • You Can Save a Life This Summer

    Make a one-time donation: Submit You Can Save a Life This Summer 15 minutes. That is the time it takes for a pet’s body temperature to climb to lethal levels if left unattended in a parked car on a hot day. Each year, thousands of pet owners tragically learn how leaving their beloved pets in the car for a quick stop can have irreversible consequences. Even after a few minutes, what feels like a relatively mild temperature outside can become unbearably hot inside a parked car, even in the shade or with the windows cracked open. Throughout the year, Animal Humane New Mexico educates our community about the many ways to keep pets safe and healthy. By generously making a gift you will help us provide valuable information and services to pet owners and sustain our mission! If you find a pet in an unattended car, do what you can to locate the owner and call 911. If possible, return to the vehicle to monitor the pet’s condition and help responding authorities locate the vehicle. Click here to download a printable flyer and help pass on this important message. Yours could be the voice that makes all the difference.
  • Will you give them a hand?

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Baxter, a young Hound/Great Pyrenees mix, came to our shelter last summer ready to give his love and devotion to a new owner. His sweet and attentive nature brought him interest from adopters, but over several weeks he still had not found his perfect fit… that is, until Chelsea and her four-year-old daughter Neeva arrived at Animal Humane New Mexico. Shortly after Neeva was born, her parents discovered that she could not hear. As she grew, her family adapted to using sign language, including the family pets. When they arrived at Animal Humane, they let our Adoptions Advisors know that their top priority was to find a dog who would be great with Neeva. As soon as Chelsea saw how calm and attentive Baxter was with Neeva, she knew they had found their little girl’s best friend. Neeva and Baxter are now inseparable, giving each other love, attention and support. Neeva has a constant companion who understands her and Baxter has a loving family. Your generous support makes happiness possible for dogs like Baxter and for the families who love them. More than 4,000 pets like Baxter will be adopted this year.  Let’s give them a hand and save their lives together!