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  • Ranger’s home on the range

    Make a one-time donation: Submit On a Project Fetch transfer, our program to relocate cats & dogs into our care from crowded shelters and rescue groups throughout New Mexico, our Team met a high-energy Australian Cattle dog named Krieger. Krieger’s behavior — jumping, spinning, and barking nonstop — had made it difficult for the rural shelter to place him in a loving home. We decided to bring Krieger back to Animal Humane so our talented behaviorists could help him become a well-behaved family member. Once Krieger arrived, our Animal Care and Behavior Teams quickly realized he was the kind of dog who needed a job to be happy. Renaming him Ranger, our staff and volunteers spent months tirelessly teaching him obedience cues and showering him with the same love and attention we give all pets in our care. While Ranger remained an exuberant and playful pup, he also gained the social skills and impulse control he needed to find a new family. Ten months into Ranger’s stay, Dustin arrived at Animal Humane looking for a dog who could accompany him on the horseback riding excursions he leads. When he asked to see Ranger, we knew the match was perfect. Dustin and Ranger not only became family that day — they became partners as well. Ranger now had a job, riding beside his dad on the trail every day! Ranger’s success, like so many others, was the result of the love you give with each and every donation.
  • We are what we do…Let’s be kind.

    Make a one-time donation: Submit At Animal Humane, we know and treasure the impact your support has on the lives of the pets in our care. Whether it’s the time and attention they receive on walks or during cuddle sessions, the handmade blankets that keep them cozy, or the care and tenderness they receive because of your generosity, each dog & cat in our shelter receives an abundance of love. We want every pet, now and in the future, to know the warmth of human kindness and to have the unconditional love they give returned to them. That’s why we promote these values throughout our community with education and outreach. Through our Learn Humane program, we teach children (and adults) how to build caring relationships and lifelong bonds with pets. In classrooms throughout our community, and right here at our shelter with Camp Humane, we provide engaging lessons that inspire young people to learn more about animal welfare. Along the way, we also cultivate in them the kindness that will benefit all living creatures for years to come. Likewise, your compassionate act today has a deep and lasting impact. Let’s continue teaching children compassion for pets and people. P.S. To learn more about Camp Humane and this summer’s sessions, click here.
  • Raj continues to be surrounded by love

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Last year, we told you the story of Raj, a gentle American Pit Bull mix who stole our hearts with his amazing resiliency and boundless love. Raj lost one eye to a traumatic injury when he was one and, at the age of three, he lost the other after being poisoned alongside his brothers in his backyard. A neighbor intervened and brought Raj, the only survivor, to Animal Humane to receive the medical treatment he desperately needed. In our care, and now facing a completely sightless world, Raj nevertheless showered our Team with an abundance of love that belied the trauma he had endured. Two months later, he was adopted by a wonderful couple who heard his story, met and fell in love with Raj. Today, after more than a year together, Raj’s parents shared that they remain deeply thankful that Raj is in their lives. They simply adore the way he runs in circles when he gets excited, or how he still insists on being cuddled in their laps like a dog half his size. Your support helps us turn challenges into triumphs for cats and dogs throughout New Mexico. As Raj’s inspiring life affirms, your generosity makes a lasting difference!