Our mission is to support and improve the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education and veterinary services. To make a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, please click here.


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  • Double the Love

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Gypsy is a fearless Siamese cat who came to us as a stray at only two months of age. After receiving weeks of tender care in the home of one of our Foster Care families, she returned to our shelter and was quickly adopted. Khaleesi, a sweet American Staffordshire Terrier, was battling a parasitic infection in her left eye when we transferred her from the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department. In our care, Khaleesi bravely underwent months of medical treatment to save her remaining eye and behavior training to ease her fears. Gypsy’s mom, who had since become an Animal Humane employee, was drawn to Khaleesi’s gentle demeanor but was unsure if the pair would be compatible. She brought Khaleesi home through our Foster-to-Adopt program and was thrilled when the two snuggled and became fast friends. Help us bring more soulmates together in 2017 by making an Annual Fund Drive gift today! Your generosity will provide thousands of pets with the care they need and the love they deserve. Gypsy and Khaleesi are now constant companions, enjoying their lives free from pain and fear — and filled with love. Your compassion has the power to unite even the most unlikely of hearts. On behalf of the pets who receive a second chance due to your compassion, we thank you!
  • grateful reflections

    When Peggy Weigle interviewed me in late 2006, she asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for a place where I could make a difference, a position that challenged me, and a chance to see the impact of my work, combined with others, right before my eyes. As I inch toward my 1st year anniversary as Executive Director of Animal Humane, I see more clearly what we accomplish together each day. Our 2016 Fiscal Year statistics reached amazing heights: from rehoming 4,134 pets and achieving a 93% Live Release Rate, to treating over 4,200 owned pets in our campus Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic — so that each is healthy and spending the holidays with their owners — to inspiring our youth with life-changing lessons through nearly 9,000 hours of valuable instruction, and reaching $809,975 in sales at our Thrift Shop. All of these achievements were only made possible with your support! In addition to our shared accomplishments, what continues to impress me most is the variety of ways that pets arrive at our shelter — the unique circumstances that surround each — and how our team stands at the ready to respond to the needs of these pets, their owners and in some cases, the advocates for each of these cats and dogs. We met Nemo at the Valencia County Animal Shelter during a Project Fetch transfer. Nemo was initially so fearful we had to carry him outdoors. Our Behavior Team saturated him with enrichment activities and introduced him to playgroups. And it was his natural curiosity (and high-value treats) that helped Nemo gain confidence and graduate from our Behavior Modification program in 10 short days. During this time, he went from pancaking on the floor in fear to seeking interactions from our team to discovering the joys of being a dog! And two short weeks later, Nemo left our shelter to go live his new life with a loving family. Jiffy Pop’s journey took a twist when a kind and concerned Albuquerque citizen trapped him and drove him to our shelter. Upon arrival, we quickly determined that Jiffy Pop had ringworm and was immediately introduced to our Animal Care Supervisors, Yuri Pryor & Armando Vargas. These talented Team members have successfully treated 100+ felines since our Feline Ringworm Treatment Ward opened in June 2014 thanks to a generous gift by Sandy Gold. “Since Jiffy Pop was a stray, initially he was fearful of being handled. But several weeks into his treatment, he blossomed. He approached the front of his cage and waited expectantly for food, as well as his bi-weekly Lyme Sulphur baths. He tolerated the baths very well, and after 17 dips over 2½ months, Jiffy Pop was released as a well-socialized and friendly kitty,” says Yuri. Mr. Pop was adopted 30 days later! In January 2014, I had the privilege of introducing a 98-year-old dog lover to five shelter dogs, in the hopes that one would become her perfect companion. Each dog was expertly selected by our Behavior Manager, Trevor Driggs, and a private room was set up for introductions. We only made it to “dog #3” before the selection process came to a halt and the oldest adopter in our history quickly left with Fido — a sweet, black 4-year-old Chihuahua. The two bonded instantly. This past summer, Fido was returned to our care as his owner, now 100½, was nearing the end of her life. When her conservator who had reached out to me in 2014 emailed saying, “It’s time for Fido to come back to you,” I said, “Name […]
  • Give the gift of hope to homeless pets

    Make a one-time donation: Submit On a cold night last winter, a good Samaritan found newborn Rose and her six siblings in a box, abandoned in a remote area of town. Arriving malnourished and undersized, Rose and her littermates were each carefully nurtured by our Foster Care Team until they were adopted. Thanks to you, we sheltered over 4,000 homeless pets this year and provided them the care and love they needed to find their forever homes. Our work is not finished. While thousands of pets have been saved in 2016, more will need your help in 2017. This holiday season, you have the opportunity to double your impact on the lives of New Mexico’s homeless pets! A generous group of donors has committed to matching $20,000 in gifts made by December 31. Today, Rose is healthy, happy and most importantly — loved! She is creating wonderful memories with her new family thanks to the support of compassionate individuals like you and our dedicated Team who helped her blossom and thrive. Your generosity transforms lives. Thank you for making a real difference this holiday season.