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  • Summer Heat Safety

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Imagine your beloved pet, panting and shaking, unable to move or escape the heat as the temperature around them rises quickly to unbearable and eventually deadly, levels.  Sadly, thousands of people each summer leave their pets in the car only to return to the scene above. If these pets are lucky, and their owners return in time, a trip to the emergency vet might save their life. For other pets, it is often too late. If you find a pet in this life-threatening situation, try locating the owner and call 911, rather than the nonemergency line. In Albuquerque, pets trapped in sweltering cars are considered a priority call. If possible, stay until authorities arrive to monitor the pet’s condition. Your support today is so important! It is your generous giving that allows Animal Humane to help spread the word about the dangers of summer heat and ensure that pet parents across New Mexico are aware of the dangers posed to their cats and dogs. Please make a gift today to help us protect these vulnerable pets — not only this summer but all year long. To download an educational flyer to share—or to place on the windshield of a car with a pet inside, please click here.
  • agility. a healthy addiction.

    My appreciation for dog agility has skyrocketed over the past year, as my increased exposure has allowed me to witness the diverse attributes that draw enthusiasts of every age to the sport. Agility proves to be a wonderful form of exercise for both owners & their companion dogs. From practicing a skill to running a course, one’s limbs & heart are not the only parts of the body receiving a great workout; rather, agility is the perfect sport for your mind, as handlers must work to memorize courses and accurately direct and signal their dog. The varieties of verbal & nonverbal communication taking place are exhilarating to observe. From the stands you’ll see performance art ranging from dogs floating over jumps & speeding through weave poles to best friends blissfully trotting along or running at top speed. From the novice handler & their canine partner, to the honed performers, to the pair that continue their love of the sport as one or both have matured with time… the bond and dedication shown in the ring is something to admire and adore… and the door is open to every dog, as purebreds, mixed breeds and rescues all excel at agility. Since launching agility classes at The Center at Animal Humane last November, our trainers have provided instruction to nearly 90 students in our first six months. Many of our students are local, but others travel from Santa Fe, Taos, Alamogordo, and even Durango, Colorado. Watching and listening to our accomplished agility instructors is a joy, as they masterfully provide tailored lessons for each handler-dog pair to introduce them to agility, strengthen the bond between them and celebrate their dual performances; and our students are exuberantly expressing their gratitude for the instruction as well as our new training space. Alan Hann, current student at The Center: “The Center is a great facility with wonderful instructors. No matter how green you are, or how good you are, Kim Terrill has the ability to help you become better. She has a knack for helping anybody she works with… from someone with their first dog to someone who has been competing for years.” Alan also shared that, “I’ve never been involved in anything as exciting as agility. It brings an essence of humor to everyday life, as anything can happen in the ring and nothing is more satisfying than when you perform your best and your dog is part of a beautifully choreographed routine. You’ll see dogs do happy dances once they finish and everyone is cheering for you… and this comradery is a wonderful side effect that I did not expect. I’ve met teachers, lawyers, plumbers, orthopedic surgeons and ranchers. No one cares what you do or have; rather, everyone is happy for your success.” MaryMac Gardner, current student at The Center: “Agility is a good way to stay young as you have to run, think & speak… all at the same time… quickly. Who needs a crossword puzzle, when you have an everchanging course to traverse after only 8 minutes of walking it to determine where you’ll cue your pet. And much like yoga, you need not compare yourself to others, as our skilled instructors give each handler techniques unique to them & their dog.” MaryMac shares that The Center has the best footing in town and fellow students are friendly & supportive and that they have a lot of fun at practice, local trials, and when traveling to regional competitions together. As a 20-year agility enthusiast, her advice is to focus on your achievements as they come and have fun with your […]
  • Ranger’s home on the range

    Make a one-time donation: Submit On a Project Fetch transfer, our program to relocate cats & dogs into our care from crowded shelters and rescue groups throughout New Mexico, our Team met a high-energy Australian Cattle dog named Krieger. Krieger’s behavior — jumping, spinning, and barking nonstop — had made it difficult for the rural shelter to place him in a loving home. We decided to bring Krieger back to Animal Humane so our talented behaviorists could help him become a well-behaved family member. Once Krieger arrived, our Animal Care and Behavior Teams quickly realized he was the kind of dog who needed a job to be happy. Renaming him Ranger, our staff and volunteers spent months tirelessly teaching him obedience cues and showering him with the same love and attention we give all pets in our care. While Ranger remained an exuberant and playful pup, he also gained the social skills and impulse control he needed to find a new family. Ten months into Ranger’s stay, Dustin arrived at Animal Humane looking for a dog who could accompany him on the horseback riding excursions he leads. When he asked to see Ranger, we knew the match was perfect. Dustin and Ranger not only became family that day — they became partners as well. Ranger now had a job, riding beside his dad on the trail every day! Ranger’s success, like so many others, was the result of the love you give with each and every donation.