Partnership FAQ

Partnership FAQ

What are some examples of successful business partnerships?

Animal Humane is fortunate to have some very generous partners in our community who help us raise vital funds and provide visibility to homeless dogs and cats. A few examples of successful, mutually beneficial partnerships include:

Are there special needs for an adoption event?

We must ensure the pets are happy and healthy at Mobile Adoption Events. The following requirements can help you determine if a Mobile Event is the best partnership opportunity for your business and Animal Humane:

  • A location with significant foot traffic and ability to promote the event in advance to clients.
  • Adequate space near set-up area for parking Moby, or driving access for ease of unloading/loading supplies.
  • Location must meet our safety requirements for pets & staff.
How far in advance should I submit my request?

Please submit event requests as soon as possible, with a minimum of 90 days notice. This will ensure that we can co-promote events effectively, adequately prepare our team, ensure we have no scheduling conflicts and make sure we answer any questions.

Is there a cost for adoption events?

Yes, we do ask for a return on our invested time and promotional efforts. We measure offsite event success in two main areas: funds raised and/or completed adoptions. Each time we host a Mobile Adoption Event, we incur a minimum expense of $300 for staffing, travel and pet care.

How does Animal Humane promote our partnership?

Animal Humane can promote partnership events in a variety of ways, depending on the scale of our partnership, including: 30,000 e-blast recipients + 26,000 facebook followers + 6,000 instagram followers + we love boosted posts/events. 

What does my company need to provide?

We greatly value partners who can fully support an event. For a mutually beneficial partnership, your company should be able to provide event planning, promotion, space/resources and staffing.

Can we design a customized partnership that better promotes our two organizations?

Yes! We are always looking for creative new ways to work together, to discuss in-kind ideas such incorporating Animal Humane into your advertising or sponsoring one of our 7 weekly live television & radio segments. Adopter goodie bag, merchandise sponsors, and naming opportunities are more ways to creatively partner.

Who can I contact for questions or more information?

Please contact Madison Beets, Public Relations & Media Manager. Thank you for supporting homeless pets!