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172 & counting! That’s the number of felines you have helped cure of ringworm since our talented Animal Care Team opened our dedicated treatment ward in June 2014. A welcomed quarantine addition during our Project Humane renovations, our feline and canine Ringworm Wards offer a quiet retreat for recovery.
During treatment training, my greatest discovery was the warm welcome our isolated kitties give our team upon their 8 am arrival. Rather than retreating into their spacious housing, they greet us enthusiastically & walk right into the hands that quickly lead
them to their next Lyme Sulphur bath. After each cat is dipped & wiped down with washcloths to ensure thorough coverage, they quickly — and quite literally — shake it off and look forward to breakfast. In addition to delicious wet & dry food and new sterilized toys, bedding & blankets, they seek affection from our team who expertly convey through spoken word & gentle touch that their treatment is not only necessary — it paves the way to feeling better & being adopted.
Your giving makes the specialized treatments given throughout our campus possible! May you always know the gratitude our team feels for being able to offer each pet in our shelter the care & resources they need to become healthy, confident, beloved pets!

Donna M. Stumpf
Executive Director

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