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A trained and obedient dog is a happy dog and joy to live with.  Animal Humane is committed to providing positive, reward-based training classes for puppies and adults. Our Behavior Team plays a pivotal role in our mission by working to help owned pets stay in their homes and increasing the adoptability of homeless pets. Behavior modification activities include enrichment, socialization and basic manners training, as well as specialized attention for pets who may need extra assistance.

Our experienced Behavior Team offers private and group behavior training classes to pet owners (and their dogs and cats). Our classes range from puppy socialization and basic obedience to agility and are open to the general public.

All training classes are taught by Certified Professional Dog Trainers, Karen Pryor Academy Graduates or experienced Behavior Specialists.

Our Behavior Team

Animal Humane’s Behavior Team consists of several trained staff with years of experience. Currently, our Behavior Specialists are completing their ASPCA Safer Certification, and several have completed or are completing CPDT certifications.


Enroll In Our Agility Classes

We are excited to offer world class training at The Center At Animal Humane.  Located across the street at our new facility at 615 Wyoming Blvd. SE. Learn more by following the link below.

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Behavior Help Line

505.938.7900 or email us. Our Behavior Helpline is a free service available to all pet owners who are experiencing behavior concerns with their dogs or cats. Our trained behavior coaches provide recommendations on everything from house training to living with multiple pets in one home.

If you do not reach a Behavior Specialist by phone, please leave a message and your call will be returned within 72 hours.

View the full Training Calendar online.

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  • About Our Classes

    Animal Humane employs reward-based training techniques designed to strengthen your relationship with your pet. Pet owners are taught how to reinforce excellent manners and remove rewards to discourage inappropriate behavior. We do not promote choke chains or prong collars, and our instruction focuses on humane training aids for you and your pet. Browse through our course options and view our Training Calendar to enroll today! View our policies.  Animal Humane adopters are eligible for a discount on our entry level training classes! In order to redeem this discount, enter your Adopter Discount coupon code at check out. If you have misplaced your coupon code, please email [email protected] Partial refunds may not be given after check out. Behavior Seminars and Workshops We also offer a variety of workshops and seminars at our two adoptions locations for your convenience.  New seminars will be added to our Training Calendar as they become available. Puppy Preschool Start your puppy off on the right paw! Puppies learn how to play with other dogs and interact with new people, as well as manners including sit, down, stay and coming when called. Our team will answer your questions about common puppy behavior issues such as housetraining, chewing and jumping up on people. Dog ages: 10-weeks to 4-months Duration: 6-weeks Cost: $75 Animal Humane Adopter Cost: $65 No Events Scheduled Civilized Canine Is your dog new to training or in need of a refresher course in basic obedience? Dogs will receive real-world basic obedience training in sit, down, stay, loose leash walking and coming when called. Common behavior issues such as housetraining, jumping up on people, mouthiness when excited will also be addressed. Click here for our Train Humane class policies and rules. Dog ages: 5-months and older Duration: 7-weeks Cost: $120 Animal Humane Adopter Cost: $100 No Events Scheduled Perfect Pub Pet The best dog training class you’ll ever take! Teach your dog how to demonstrate great manners in dog-friendly bar and restaurant settings. Held the last Saturday of every month at Tractor Brewing Company (Nob Hill). The first round is on us, so you can relax and test out your new skills.  Dog ages: All are welcome on leash Duration: 11 – 12 pm Cost: $15 No Events Scheduled 505 Pit Crew Do you own a Pit Bull? Are you interested in training and agility? This course is offered specifically for Pit Bull owners and their dogs through our 505 Pit Crew. Dogs will receive real-world obedience training in sit, down, stay, loose-leash walking and coming when called. Common behavior issues such as housetraining, jumping on people and mouthiness when excited will be addressed, along with discussions of Pit Bull care. In addition, you and your dog will work as a team negotiating obstacles and running our agility course. This will give you and your dog an introduction to the fast-paced fun and competition of agility. Owners must be 12 years of age or older.  Dog ages: 4-months and older Duration: 8-weeks Cost: $20 for owners 12-20 years of age, and $50 for owners 20 or older No Events Scheduled Agility Foundations I Learn the basics of agility in a fun, light-hearted setting. Agility competitors teach their dogs to do commands from afar, to pause in a given command, and to climb, jump or weave through special equipment. These activities are great physical and mental stimulation for you and your dog, while you learn the fastest growing dog sport. It’s a great way to strengthen your dog’s basic obedience skills while learning new behaviors. Dogs must be at least 5-months of age and have had basic training to participate.  Dog ages: 5-months or older Duration: 6-weeks Cost: $120 [...]
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  • Behavior Consultations

    Animal Humane Behavior Specialists offer a one-hour private consultations to discuss and offer solutions to behavioral issues you're experiencing with your new companion. Our coaches are certified trainers with years of experience working with all kinds of behavior issues. These consultations are $130 for each hour-long session, and Animal Humane adopters receive their first consultation session free within the first six months.  During your consultation, we will discuss your presenting issue(s) in-depth and provide you with: a diagnosis and explanation of your pet's behavior a personalized treatment plan materials for proper implementation of management and training techniques If dog training is recommended, we will provide area referrals. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our coaches, please call Animal Humane at 505.938.7900. Prior to your consultation, we will collect basic information about your pet's issue(s), briefly explain the program and send you a questionnaire to complete. Please note: If you are experiencing a behavior issue with your pet, please make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately. Sudden changes in behavior can be caused by underlying medical issues. A visit to your veterinarian can provide the relief your pet needs and/or rule out a medical cause so that management and modification can begin.
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  • Our Policies

    Dog Training Class Policies For the safety of yourself, your pet, and other participants, you are required to follow the instructions of the course trainers at all times.  Arrive to class with your dog on-leash. Please arrive on-time.   Do not allow your dog to greet other dogs unless instructed to do so by your trainer. Many dogs are not comfortable with on-leash greetings.  Please provide your dog the opportunity to eliminate before class and make sure to pick up after your pet. Plan on bringing the following training tools with your dog every week: A well-fitted flat collar (one that cannot slip over your dog’s head), harness, or head halter. No choke chains or pronged collars. A non-retractable, 4 to 6 foot leash. No Flexi-Leads. A variety of yummy treats that your dog loves! CIVILIZED CANINE: Please note that the first week of class is people-only. Please bring yourself and any family members you would like to include on your dog’s training. (This applies only to our Civilized Canine adult dog class.) VACCINATIONS: Please bring your pet’s vaccination history with you to the first session of class. We require proof of the following vaccinations for participation: For Puppy Preschool:  2 rounds of distemper/parvo booster vaccination and Bordatella. Vaccinations must be administered 14 days prior to the start of class. For Civilized Canine: Current 1-year or 3-year Rabies plus 1 current round of distemper/parvo booster vaccination or proof of titer, and Bordatella. Vaccinations must be administered 14 days prior to the start of class. Behavior Seminars Policies Our Behavior Seminars are people-only events. Please arrive a few moments before the class start time to ensure time to sign in. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION HOLIDAYS & MAKE-UP CLASSES: Unless otherwise stated, your class will run for 6 consecutive weeks at the same time, day and location every week. Classes will not take place on federally recognized holidays; classes may also occasionally be cancelled due to inclement weather. Your trainer will notify you of any holiday closures or cancellations, and the class session will be extended by one week to make up for missed days. MISSED CLASSES: Enrolled students are required to attend the first class session. Students who miss the first session without making prior arrangements (at least 7 days before) do not qualify for a refund of course fees. If any other session is missed, please contact the trainer to discuss topics and homework. We do not offer make-up sessions on missed classes. CHILDREN IN CLASS: All family members are encouraged to attend training sessions. For everyone’s safety, please follow these guidelines: Children must be supervised during the entire session. Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult other than the parent handling the dog. No running or yelling will be permitted Not all dogs are friendly or comfortable around children. Children must be instructed never to approach or pet any dog other than their own. UNALTERED PETS: We welcome all friendly dogs, altered and unaltered. However, female dogs in their estrus cycle may not come to class. If your female begins her cycle during a training course, no refund will be given. DANGEROUS OR DISRUPTIVE DOGS: If your dog displays behaviors that significantly impact the learning environment of the class or are dangerous to other people or animals in the class, you will be required to leave class. However, if this occurs, you will receive two free private consultations with our Behavior Team. REFUNDS POLICY A refund of course fees can be provided if we are notified at least 7 days before the first class that your dog will be unable to attend. If, […]
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