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Imagine your beloved pet, panting and shaking, unable to move or escape the heat as the temperature around them rises quickly to unbearable and eventually deadly, levels.  Sadly, thousands of people each summer leave their pets in the car only to return to the scene above. If these pets are lucky, and their owners return in time, a trip to the emergency vet might save their life. For other pets, it is often too late.

If you find a pet in this life-threatening situation, try locating the owner and call 911, rather than the nonemergency line. In Albuquerque, pets trapped in sweltering cars are considered a priority call. If possible, stay until authorities arrive to monitor the pet’s condition.

Your support today is so important! It is your generous giving that allows Animal Humane to help spread the word about the dangers of summer heat and ensure that pet parents across New Mexico are aware of the dangers posed to their cats and dogs. Please make a gift today to help us protect these vulnerable pets — not only this summer but all year long.

To download an educational flyer to share—or to place on the windshield of a car with a pet inside, please click here.