Last year, we told you the story of Raj, a gentle American Pit Bull mix who stole our hearts with his amazing resiliency and boundless love. Raj lost one eye to a traumatic injury when he was one and, at the age of three, he lost the other after being poisoned alongside his brothers in his backyard. A neighbor intervened and brought Raj, the only survivor, to Animal Humane to receive the medical treatment he desperately needed.

In our care, and now facing a completely sightless world, Raj nevertheless showered our Team with an abundance of love that belied the trauma he had endured. Two months later, he was adopted by a wonderful couple who heard his story, met and fell in love with Raj.

Today, after more than a year together, Raj’s parents shared that they remain deeply thankful that Raj is in their lives. They simply adore the way he runs in circles when he gets excited, or how he still insists on being cuddled in their laps like a dog half his size. Your support helps us turn challenges into triumphs for cats and dogs throughout New Mexico. As Raj’s inspiring life affirms, your generosity makes a lasting difference!