Donate Food Suitable for Overweight Cats

Percentages expressed on a DRY MATTER BASIS

Friskies Senior
Turkey Giblets CHO 4.67%

Fancy Feast
Turkey Giblets Feast CHO 0.01%

Friskies Canned Cat
Beef and Liver Dinner CHO 0.80%

Friskies Canned Cat
Turkey and Giblets Dinner CHO 2.05%

Friskies Kitten Formula
Turkey CHO 1.4%

Fancy Feast Flaked Fish
And Shrimp CHO 0% PRO 80.8%

Friskies Special Diet
Turkey and Giblets CHO 0.09% PRO 52%

Fancy Feast Chunky Chicken CHO 6.2% PRO 55.6%

Iam’s Kitten CHO 7% PRO 50%

Purina Pro Plan
Turkey Rice Entrée Ground CHO 7.6% PRO 64%

Purina Pro Plan Total Care
Kitten Chicken and Rice CHO 2.8% PRO 57%

Purina Pro Plan Adult
Ocean Fish and Crab CHO 0.1% PRO 71%

Purina Pro Plan Sardines and
Tuna in Aspic CHO 0.1% PRO 70%

The following are Fancy Feast flavors containing NO wheat gluten and are below 10 percent carbs:

  • Tender Beef Feast (brown label color)
  • Tender Beef and Liver Feast (magenta)
  • Tender Beef and Chicken Feast (red)
  • Gourmet Chicken Feast (dark pink – be careful, this looks just another chicken variety with gluten!)
  • Turkey and Giblets Feast (olive green)
  • Tender Liver and Chicken Feast (orange)
  • Chopped Grill Feast (Kelly green)
  • Flaked Fish and Shrimp Feast (true blue)
  • Savory Salmon Feast (orange)
  • Flaked Ocean Fish Feast (pink)
  • Tuna and Oceanfish Feast in Aspic (teal)