Warm Hearts Network

Is your dog friendly, gentle, well-mannered and extremely socially motivated? If so, you & your dog may work together to touch the lives of those in need by being a Warm Hearts team!

The Warm Hearts Network is a group of trained volunteers & their dogs who provide Animal Assisted Activities & volunteer visiting teams in our community. Human-animal teams are screened, evaluated & then registered to visit healthcare facilities, schools, senior living & activity centers, hospice & other locations. Your dog must:

  • Be two years or older
  • Have been a part of your family for 6 months or more
  • Display exceptional behavior & social personality traits
  • Be extraordinarily tolerant & well behaved in new environments
  • Know basic Obedience skills including sit, down, stay, come & heel & be able to perform them in distracting environments

Frequently, the Warm Hearts Network identifies adoptable shelter dogs as potential Warm Hearts team candidates. These dogs have been evaluated through an assessment testing & would be wonderful additions to the program as well as great family dogs. 

For more information on the Warm Hearts Network & the process visit The Warm Hearts Network Facebook page, or contact Judith Bissett at[email protected]