505 Pit Crew

505 Pit Crew

Join the 505 Pit Crew and help Animal Humane work to end dogfighting and reverse the negative image of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. 

505 Pit Crew is an inclusive program aimed at both educating youth about animal abuse and cruelty in our state and helping Pit Bull type dog owners build well-mannered ‘Ambassadogs’ to help change the image of these great dogs in our community.

Our 505 Pit Crew education program provides youth in 6th grade and up presentations that explore the negative impacts of cruelty and abuse on pets, people and our communities, and inspires youth to take action in their own life to prevent such violence.  

505 Pit Crew training classes are 8-week courses for proud Pit Bull owners who would like to explore obedience training to help teach their dogs the great behaviors that make a true Ambassadog.  We’ll also explore how dogs learn to help owners become excellent advocates for their Pit Bulls and all dogs.

To schedule a 505 Pit Crew presentation for your classroom or to find out more about Pit Crew educational opportunities, please contact: Ellen Schmidt, Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Services; [email protected].

Our Community's Need

505 Pit Crew is a youth-oriented program aimed at addressing illegal dogfighting here in New Mexico, which most often affects Pit Bull type dogs and takes place for illegal gambling or gang-related purposes.

Many of the people who become involved in dogfighting activities are introduced to it before the age of 9 and are forcing their own dogs to fight by their teen years. Studies have shown that involvement in dogfighting often leads to involvement in other serious crimes. Young people involved in dogfighting therefore not only hurt their dogs, but eventually themselves and their communities.

505 Pit Crew combines humane education and outreach with low-cost dog training classes in an effort to provide community members with the education and tools needed to become excellent advocates for companion animals in our communities.

Do You Own a Pit Bull?

The Pit Crew offers 8-week training courses specifically for Pit Bull-type dogs and their owners. Dogs receive real-world obedience training in attention, sit, down, stay, polite walking and coming when called. We also address more complex topics such as working with reactive dogs, teaching our dogs focus in the face of distractions, and exciting fun and games for dogs and owner teams. Common behavior concerns will be also be addressed.

Pit Crew classes are $20 for owners ages 12-20 years, and $50 for owners over the age of 20.

View upcoming classes on our Training Class page.

For Parents & Educators

Help us educate through 505 Pit Crew!

To reach students with anti-fighting, anti-cruelty messages, 505 Pit Crew offers classroom presentations for middle and high school classes.

If you are an educator, parent, or Pit Bull-owning teen or adult interested in helping 505 Pit Crew in its mission to end dog fighting in New Mexico, consider inviting the 505 Pit Crew into your classroom!

Pit Crew presentations use slide shows, classroom discussion and activities to introduce the concept that dogfighting is a crime that is harmful to the dogs, human participants, and the entire community. Presentations also touch upon topics such as the violence of animal cruelty, dogs as companions (not fighters), and responsible ownership practices like spay/neuter and the importance of socialization.

Two presentation formats are available:

Our single visit presentation, “The Real Face of Dogfighting,” can be provided as either a 60 or 90 minute presentation. Students learn what dogfighting is, explore why young fighters might become involved, and then dig deeper to compare the ideas and images of dogfighting that they might encounter with the realities for both people and pets. Most importantly, students learn how to stand up and say no to dog-fighting.

Our extended 8-week program allows for a more in-depth presentation of humane topics for teachers interested in incorporating more humane education into classroom curriculum. Over the full 8 weeks, students learn about canine communication, consider the wider consequences of individual actions, the human+dog bond, and stereotypes and the media. We explore concepts such as respect, empathy, the dangers of prejudice, and what all of us can do to help others. For these programs, Pit Crew presenters visit the classroom once a week for 1-hour presentations.

Pit Crew presentations can be offered to single or multiple classrooms and can be scheduled Monday – Friday, 7 am – 5 pm.

To request a 505 Pit Crew presentation for your classroom, visit our Learn Humane page and complete the presentation form.

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