Chamisa and PadmaMeet Chamisa and Padma! These two amazing dogs sure know how to beat the heat with their recent trip to the Bosque with some of our dedicated volunteers. Both girls enjoyed cooling off in the Rio Grande and feeling the cool mud on their paws. A canine spa day, indeed!

Our volunteers share:

“Padma is a spirited girl who absolutely loves the water. She jumps right in and doesn’t hesitate to immerse her entire face in the water. Her canine antics will bring a smile to your face and make you laugh out loud. We loved watching her frolic in the tall grasses and beautiful Bosque flowers. Watching her discover the scampering lizards was priceless.”

“Chamisa is a beautiful and gracious dog. Check out her amazing eyes: one brown and one piercing blue. In the river, she reminded us of a heron wading for fish. Throughout our Bosque adventure, she was able to relax more and take in the beauty of nature. By the end, Chamisa was wagging her tail and had a spring in her step.”

Both of these wonderful dogs would bring a lot of joy and adventure into life. Visit our Big Blue Adoption Center at 615 Virginia St. SE to meet them and find out if Chamisa or Padma might be your ‪#‎PerfectPetNM‬!