With warm, sunny days upon us, too few dog owners realize that your dogs’s health may be at risk. Heartworm if left undetected and untreated is a killer.  It is increasing in frequency in New Mexico.  “When I first came to Animal Humane 8 years ago, we seldom tested shelter dogs for Heartworm at intake because it was so uncommon,” says Peggy Weigle, executive director. “Now we see infected dogs on a regular basis and we test every dog we bring in. If they are negative for heartworms, we out them heartworm preventative while they are here. If they are positive, we treat them.”

This weekend, March 20th – 22nd, thanks to a very generous donation of heartworm prevention medication from De Anza Animal Clinic, we will be giving away 3 month supply of Heartguard with every canine adoption.

Heartworm is often mistakenly thought to be only a problem in other hot, humid regions of the United States, many New Mexican pet owners do not ensure their companions receive preventive treatment. However, heartworm disease is a problem in any state with mosquitoes, and it is increasing here in New Mexico.

Because spring marks the beginning of heartworm season, Animal Humane hopes new adopters will take advantage of our special, and continue preventive treatment all year to ensure their family pet does not contract a serious, sometimes fatal condition.

If you’re ready for new canine companion, visit our Big Blue Adoption Center (615 Virginia St. SE) to find your perfect pet, and make sure they’re protected with a free 3 month supply of heartworm preventive medication. The ASPCA offers more comprehensive information on heartworm disease on their website.