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Gypsy is a fearless Siamese cat who came to us as a stray at only two months of age. After receiving weeks of tender care in the home of one of our Foster Care families, she returned to our shelter and was quickly adopted. Khaleesi, a sweet American Staffordshire Terrier, was battling a parasitic infection in her left eye when we transferred her from the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department. In our care, Khaleesi bravely underwent months of medical treatment to save her remaining eye and behavior training to ease her fears.

Gypsy’s mom, who had since become an Animal Humane employee, was drawn to Khaleesi’s gentle demeanor but was unsure if the pair would be compatible. She brought Khaleesi home through our Foster-to-Adopt program and was thrilled when the two snuggled and became fast friends.

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Gypsy and Khaleesi are now constant companions, enjoying their lives free from pain and fear — and filled with love. Your compassion has the power to unite even the most unlikely of hearts. On behalf of the pets who receive a second chance due to your compassion, we thank you!