The loyalty of a rescued pet is immeasurable. They stand by us in times of need and are joyful at our return, whether we left five minutes or five hours ago.

Each year, thousands of homeless pets await the chance to join their new family and accompany them through the adventures life may hold. At Animal Humane, we experience the rich rewards of love and loyalty from rescued pets daily–and you, too, can make a difference in their lives!

Your gift today provides each cat and dog in our care with the support they need to embark on the next phase of their life–one filled with love and companionship. While in our care, your generosity provides them with nutritious food, comfortable lodging, necessary medical care and the time and attention they need from our staff and volunteers to prepare for their future families’ arrivals.

On November 1, we’ll be joined by thousands of human and canine adventurers ready to take on our annual Doggie Dash & Dawdle. But that’s not the only way to support our life-saving work; you can make your donation today, and know that you are helping hundreds of homeless pets’ dreams take flight.

Help us celebrate the thousands of pets that will find their new homes this year, thanks to your generous support of our devoted work. Please consider making a gift today to speed them on their journey!