Job Title: Humane Educator

Job Summary

The Humane Educator is responsible for delivery humane education lessons and materials to both youth and adults around the Central New Mexico region by working with schools, afterschool programs, parents, and other community partners. All our humane education programs promote empathy, compassion, and kindness to animals, other humans and the environment in accordance with Animal Humane’s mission and philosophy. School-delivered lessons align with Common Core and State of New Mexico educational standards, and all our programs aim to teach core social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. On average, our Learn Humane education programs reach approximately 5,900 students and adults each year, with the majority of programs offered in the Albuquerque Public Schools district. Additionally, our Camp Humane program offers 5 weeks of week-long summer day camps and two-day long winter break day camps for children ages 5 to 13 with the assistance of teen Junior Volunteer Counselors.

Programs are delivered to school-aged children and adults both off and on-site through classroom presentations, on-site tours and camp programs, afterschool programs, and community education and outreach events. Program delivery includes: teaching classes using existing humane education programs as well as researching, developing and delivering new materials and programs, reaching out to and coordinating with teachers, counselors, principals and school districts to build presentation schedules, coordinating the education volunteer program participation, and planning and acting as lead educator and Junior Volunteer Counselor supervisor for our multi-week summer day camp program.
Specific Duties

1. Present Animal Humane educational programs on-site, at local schools, and at community locations through partnerships with other organizations, and conduct tours of Animal Humane campus for visiting groups throughout the year.

2. Drive the delivery of school-year humane education programs by promoting their availability to educators around New Mexico through outreach to local school districts and attending teacher events.

3. Coordinate with educators, counselors, group leaders and others to plan educational presentations and tours: reviewing event applications, scheduling events, communicating effectively with requesting parties, coordinating with volunteer educators and confirming and attending presentations/tours.

4. Act as lead educator for Camp Humane summer and winter camp sessions: develop weekly schedules for every session, including coordinating guest speakers and field trips, planning crafts, games and other activities, interviewing/training/supervising/reviewing Junior Volunteer Counselors, providing educational content and camper supervision and support throughout camp sessions.

5. Under the guidance of the Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Programs, research, develop and update educational programs about humane animal care, animal welfare issues and the activities of the organization for the community, ensuring that these programs are in accordance with Animal Humane’s mission and philosophy, are age appropriate for the intended audience and meet State of New Mexico and Common Core educational standards and social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. Seek out or create materials needed as teaching aids for these programs.

6. Assist in supervising, training and communicating with the Animal Humane Volunteer Education Team. Ensure Volunteer Educators have all supplies and training needed to deliver Animal Humane educational programs effectively.

7. Perform administrative duties required by the department: reporting of educational activities, numbers of individuals reached, and other details needed for reports to Senior Management Team and the Board as requested by the Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Programs.

8. Participate in webinars, on-line discussion lists and similar to continuously improve skills, build knowledge of best practices in humane education and develop new ideas for Animal Humane’s educational programs.

9. Maintain a high level of professionalism when representing Animal Humane to the general public in executing duties of educating and promoting programs and services. Communicate effectively, with compassion and non-judgement, with co-workers, management, volunteers, campers, youth participants, parents, teachers and the public at all times.

10. Adhere to Animal Humane policy on animal handling and safety at all times. Ensure safety of visitors through their adherence of policy if visit includes animal interaction. Ensure safety of any animal designated for use in educational programs.

11. Provide support to Outreach & Volunteer Programs team and the organization as a whole. Attend and/or participate in Animal Humane events on an as-needed or as-requested basis. Work as a team member among all departments at Animal Humane.

12. Provide content for Animal Humane website, newsletters and other means of communication with the public at request of the Senior Director of Outreach & Volunteer Programs.

13. Miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in education or related field, with familiarity with State of New Mexico and Common Core standards.


  • Minimum one-year classroom teaching, or related youth education experience required.
  • Experience in curriculum development or lesson planning preferred.
  • Animal welfare or other animal handling experience preferred.
  • Experience working with youth of varying ages (pre-school to teen) and a variety of adult audiences preferred.

Skills and Abilities

  • Must have excellent speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to build and maintain quality relationships.
  • Experience delivering lessons or information in a variety of ways to accommodate varied learning processes.
  • English/Spanish bilingual strongly encouraged.
  • Independent, self-motivated, able to take responsible risks, and able to work with minimal direction or supervision.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to effectively manage complex schedules.
  • Computer literacy in word processing, and basic spreadsheet and database use.
  • Must work effectively under pressure and be flexible in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation and must be comfortable driving using own vehicle for work-related travel.