How Do I Qualify?

Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic is a full-service clinic for income qualifying pet owners. Clinic services are not free. We offer reasonable, fixed fees for our quality care. You must provide proof of income qualification at check-in to obtain veterinary care. All sources of income (including non-taxable) must be included for all wage-earners in the household.

Maximum Gross Income Guidelines:

Family Size

Frequently Asked Questions

What proof of income do I need to provide?

We can accept several forms of income verification:

  • Two (2) paycheck stubs dated within the last month for each wage earner
  • Government award letter showing the amount of pay:
    • Social Security
    • Supplemental security
    • Pension
    • Retirement
    • Survivors benefits
    • Disability
  • W2s or tax documentation for the last calendar year (valid only if all income is taxable/reported)
Is my Medicaid/Insurance/EBT/Social Security Card sufficient proof?

No. Qualifications are determined based on household income.

Do I have to qualify in order to receive veterinary services?

With the exception of our euthanasia services, which we offer to all pet owners to avoid unnecessary suffering of pets, you must qualify. We limit our services to pet owners who otherwise would not have access to quality veterinary care for their companion pets.

May I bring my proof of low-income status when I come to pick up my pet?

No. Proof of income must be provided at check in or services will not be rendered.

Is there a discount for senior citizens?

No. All clinic fees are substantially discounted already; no additional discounts are available.