Quality veterinary care is a vital service for every pet.  Because that care can be so expensive, Animal Humane has a Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic to serve income-qualifying clients.  Our services are offered at reduced prices thanks to funding  from our generous donors.  Our Clinic team is highly skilled and we offer appointment-based primary and preventative care including spay/neuter and advanced surgical services for both client owned and shelter pets.

  • How Do I Qualify?

    Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic is a full-service clinic for income qualifying pet owners. Clinic services are not free. We offer reasonable, fixed fees for our quality care. You must provide proof of income qualification at check-in to obtain veterinary care. All sources of income (including non-taxable) must be included for all wage-earners in the household.   Maximum Gross Income Guidelines: Family Size Monthly Annually 1 $2,396 $28,750 2 $3,242 $38,903 3 $4,089 $49,072 4 $4,935 $59,226 5 $5,782 $69,379 6 $6,629 $79,548 7 $7,475 $89,702 What proof of income do I need to provide? We can accept several forms of income verification: Two (2) paycheck stubs dated within the last month for each wage earner Government award letter showing the amount of pay: Social Security supplemental security pension retirement survivors benefits disability W2s or tax documentation for the last calendar year (valid only if all income is taxable/reported) Is my Medicaid/Insurance/EBT/Social Security Card sufficient proof? No. Qualifications are determined based on household income. Do I have to qualify in order to receive veterinary services? With the exception of our euthanasia services, which we offer to all pet owners to avoid unnecessary suffering of pets, you must qualify. We limit our services to pet owners who otherwise would not gain access to quality veterinary care for their companion pets. May I bring my proof of low-income status when I come to pick up my pet? No. Proof of income must be provided at check in or services will not be rendered. Is there a discount for senior citizens? No. All clinic fees are substantially discounted already; no additional discounts are available.
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  • Spay/Neuter Services

    Spay/neuter services are offered to qualified low-income clients by appointment only. Our Clinic Team will verify income and/or public assistance. To make an appointment, please-call 505.217.0300 and leave a voicemail. A Clinic Team member will call you back within two weeks to schedule an appointment. Cats: $35 for males and $45 for females.* Dogs: $70 to $120 based on weight and gender.* *If a pet is pregnant, in heat, or encounters unforeseen complications, the cost of the surgery will be more. Spay/Neuter Policies: Proof of income and a picture ID are required at time of check-in. A pre-surgical exam ($20) with one of our veterinarians is required two weeks before the scheduled surgery. Payment is due in full when you drop off your pet. Please withhold food from your pet after 10 pm the night before surgery; leave water available all night.
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  • Clinic Fees

    Payment is due at time of service. We do not accept delayed payments or payment plans. Forms of payment accepted are Care Credit, a 6 month interest free credit card (for amounts over $200), Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Cash. We no longer accept checks as a form of payment. Exam: Although our initial exam prices are very low, blood work, X-Rays and medications required during diagnosis and treatment are not included in the exam fee. An initial exam ranges from $35 - $47 and an estimate will be provided for other expenses following evaluation by one of our veterinarians. Spay/Neuter Retainer: For any pet that is not spayed or neutered, a $50 retainer fee will be required to be paid at the time of the exam. When you return to have your pet spayed or neutered, the retainer fee will be applied to the cost of the surgery. You must qualify to use clinic services. See Income Qualification Guidelines. All services are by appointment only. We do not see walk-in appointments, and urgent care cases should be seen by a local emergency clinic. Please call 505.217.0300 to leave a message to schedule an appointment. A team member will contact you within 72 business hours. Owners with aggressive pets will incur an additional handling fee each time they visit our clinic. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled when entering our Clinic lobby and cats must arrive in a trap or a soft--sided carrier. Pets with a history of biting may also be required to be sedated prior to or during their exam or procedure. Sedation is at the discretion of our attending veterinarians. Owners unwilling to comply with the above stipulations will not receive further services from Animal Humane New Mexico’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic.
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  • Veterinary Services

    Services for qualified low-income pet owners include: Wellness/Preventive Care Medical Treatment Dental Care Spay/Neuter Surgery Diagnostics (including digital X-ray) Referrals Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic services require all pets to be spayed/neutered. If a pet is not spayed/neutered, a nonrefundable retainer fee for spay/neuter surgery will be required at the time of exam. You may request an appointment by leaving a message with our Reception Team at 505.217.0300. A team member will contact you within 72 business hours.
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  • Feral Cat Services

    Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) is a comprehensive, ongoing program in which free-roaming and feral cats already living outdoors in cities, towns, and rural areas are humanely trapped, medically evaluated, vaccinated and sterilized by veterinarians, then returned to their original location.  Animal Humane endorses TNR as the only proven humane and effective method to manage feral cat colonies.  Animal Humane’s Trap-Neuter-Return Program Location: Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; surgical check-in 7:30 – 8 am. No feral cats will be seen on Tuesdays. Cost: We partner with the Zimmer Feline Foundation to provide free TNR for our service area. Details: Our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic spays and neuters feral cats. At the time of the spay/neuter, they also receive rabies and FVRCP vaccines, subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic injection and have their left ear “tipped” so they are identifiable as being sterile. Anyone may bring a feral cat, but a friendly cat or housecat is not eligible for this program. Animal Humane New Mexico reserves the right to place friendly cats up for adoption at the discretion of our veterinarians. Space is limited to 3 cats per trapper per day. Each cat must arrive in a covered live catch trap. Do NOT place towels or bowls inside of trap, but please cover the trap with a towel or blanket. Traps are available to borrow at our Admissions Department at Animal Humane New Mexico. A deposit is required to borrow a trap, but there is no charge. If you need to obtain traps, please call 505.938.7861. You may use your own trap if it has an accurate weight written on it. Traps without an accurate weight will incur a $10 transfer fee. Cats must be picked up between 3:30 and 4 pm the same day. Call our Feral Cat Information Hotline at 505.938.7861 for program details and consult Feral Cat Trapping Protocol (PDF) and Feral Cat Recovery Instructions (PDF) for valuable information. *Sterilization of feral cats is free. However, charges may be incurred if additional services are needed upon examination of the feline. FAQs What are feral cats? Feral cats are cats that are unsocialized with humans and may be one or more generations removed from a home environment.  Typically, feral cats live in groups, or colonies. These cats and their offspring are victims of abandonment, accidental loss and failure by owners to sterilize their pets. Can I surrender feral cats on my property/in my neighborhood to Animal Humane? Free-roaming or feral cats are not accepted at Animal Humane because these cats are not socialized with humans, and therefore, cannot be safely handled or adopted. Rather, we welcome you to take advantage of our Trap-Neuter-Return program. To learn more about TNR, visit the following links:  Alley Cat Allies  Best Friends Animal Society Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project Humane Society of the United States Position Statement on TNR Stray Cat Alliance
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  • Pet Vaccinations

    Vaccinating your dog is one of the easiest ways to help him or her live a long, healthy life. At Animal Humane, we offer pet vaccinations by appointment to qualifying clients to help them provide vital care for their furry friends, and ensure that they can spend many happy years together. Please call 505.217.0300 to leave a message to schedule an appointment. A team member will contact you within 72 business hours. Vaccine and Microchip Packages Vaccinations may be administered by one of our technicians for the following fees if your pet has been examined by one of our veterinarians within the past 12 months. If your pet requires a 12-month veterinary exam, the $35 Office Visit is required in addition to these fees. Dogs Rabies Vaccine – 1 year: $12 Rabies Vaccine – 3 year (provide certificate of previous rabies vaccination): $20 Da2PP – Canine Distemper / Parvo Vaccine: $16 Bordetella – Kennel Cough Vaccine: $15 Microchip – includes registration: $20 Cats Rabies Vaccine – 1 year: $12 Rabies Vaccine – 3 year (provide record of previous rabies vaccination): $20 FVRCP – Feline Respiratory Complex Vaccine: $15 Microchip – includes registration: $20
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  • About Our Clinic

    Animal Humane’s Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic, located on our Main Campus, at 615 Virginia St. SE, plays a crucial role in ensuring pets stay healthy and with their families. As New Mexico’s first low-cost Veterinary Clinic for qualifying low-income pet owners, we provide much needed care for those who cannot afford to take their pets to private veterinary practices. Renovated in October 2007, with valuable funding from private donors and foundations, Animal Humane’s Clinic also provides quality medical care for the 5,300 homeless pets that we shelter annually—many of whom will require spay/neuter, medical and behavior services to ready a pet for adoption. 
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  • Emergency Care

    Our Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic is not able to provide urgent care or emergency services for pets. If your pet requires urgent or emergency medical treatment, we recommend one of the local emergency clinics in Albuquerque: VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center 9901 Montgomery Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505.292.5353 Veterinary, Emergency & Specialty Centers 4000 Montgomery Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 Phone: 505.884.3433 Route 66 Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center 136 Washington St. SE Albuquerque, NM 87108 Phone: 505.266.7866 Petroglyph Animal Hospital 6633 Caminito Coors NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 Phone: 505.898.8874
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No walk-in services are provided. To request an appointment leave a message with our Reception Team at 505.217.0300. A team member will contact you within 72 business hours.

Contact Information, Hours of Operation, Driving Directions

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

Lobby is open 8 am – noon and 1 – 5 pm – by appointment

Surgical check-in: 7 am by appointment

Contact Us:

Donor-subsidized Veterinary Clinic

505.217.0300 (voicemail based only)

615 Virginia St. SE

On the corner of Virginia St. & San Joaquin Rd.