Date(s) - 01/23/2016
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Animal Humane New Mexico - Main Campus


8-week basics class just for pit bull-type dogs

The 505 Pit Crew—Animal Humane’s anti-dogfighting and pit bull advocacy program—offers this fun 8-week course for pit bull owners and their dogs. Dogs will receive real-world practice in important obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, loose-leash walking and coming when called. We will emphasize how to get the best out of our dogs both in private and public, to help advocate for this often misunderstood type of dog. We focus on giving you the skills you need to enjoy a wonderful, positive relationship with your dog and keep your dog focused and connected with you even in the face of exciting distractions. In addition to great basic skills, you will learn some very basic elements of Agility and fun games you can use at home to exercise your dog’s body and brain.

Pit Crew classes are $20 for owners ages 12-20 years and specially priced at $50 for owners 20 years and over.

Open for dogs ages 5 months and older. Cost: $50                               

Please email for youth sign up.

This class begins on 1/23/2016 and meets on a weekly basis for eight weeks.


This event is fully booked.