It’s really people that make Animal Humane an amazing shelter that saves and impacts thousands of lives each year. We hire people who are empathetically compassionate and share the common goal of improving the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs. We are presently seeking a Behavior Specialist/Trainer to join our team.

Responsibilities Include

  1. Maintain a high level of professionalism when representing The Center at Animal Humane to the general public in executing duties of counseling, educating and promoting programs and services.
  2. Perform, implement and monitor behavior programs intended to identify, correct and prevent problem behavior in animals.
  3. Educate the public about animal behavior and characteristics of which to be aware in dealing with animals.
  4. Utilize sound marketing and public relations skills in addressing the public and promoting programs and services offered by the facility.
  5. Conduct classes with multiple attendees in which covers topics of varying degrees of animal behavior in order to educate the public on the best way to identify and approach behavior related issues.
  6. Conduct private consultations both on campus and in-home with clients who have pets showing behavior concerns.
  7. Be responsible for accurate entry and operation of automated office equipment which includes but is not limited to: Multi-line phone system, computers, copier, credit card system, fax machine, postage machine and printers.
  8. Humanely handle animals at all times.
  9. Maintain a safe and clean environment for the animals and the public at all times
  10. Observe animals for health and behavioral conditions, and communicate findings to supervisor.
  11. Identify animal breeds, ages and sexes.
  12. Maintain accurate and current computer records on all animals for internal use as well as external use that can be provided to the client.

Minimum Requirements

  • A passion for working with dogs and their owners
  • High school diploma and basic computer experience.
  • Strong dog handling skills, ability to read dog body language.
  • Ability to adapt quickly and make decisions
  • One year experience working with the public and computers.
  • Experience with training is a requirement although certification is not necessary but strongly encouraged.
  • Strong, demonstrated/proven sales and marketing skills. Competent skills in handling cats/dogs for training purposes.