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Juju, a senior Tabby, came to us in need of a fresh start. The 7-year-old feline was transferred from another shelter, with nothing known about her past. Upon meeting her, however, we knew two things: she was beautiful, and she was very shy. While it took a fair amount of coaxing in those early days, Juju slowly came out of her shell, showing a spirited personality that belied her years.

To showcase her unique charm, we placed Juju in our Cats Around Town (CAT) adoption program at the Albuquerque Cat Clinic. There, our CAT partners did an excellent job socializing Juju and increasing her comfort level around people. A month later, a woman met Juju and just knew she’d be a perfect companion for a friend. Upon meeting, the two fell in love and Juju was adopted by her wonderful pet parent.

Your generosity allows us to give shy cats like Juju the time, love and support they need to find their way to their perfect forever home. A big thank you to our Adoptions Team, CAT partner Albuquerque Cat Clinic, and our amazing donors for helping to write this happy ending for Juju. Together, we give many more pets a second chance and a fresh start.