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We all know the power that cats and dogs have to lavish affection on their families. But some pets astound us with their ability to love — even after unimaginable trauma. One such special dog, named Sophie, reminded us all that a second chance, whether granted or received, is an incredible gift.

Sophie was brought to Animal Humane by a woman who found the Labrador/Hound mix in her backyard. When our Clinic Team examined Sophie, they discovered that her face and jaw were riddled with shrapnel. We suspect Sophie had either been shot or that something exploded close to her face. Our dedicated Clinic Team carefully removed each metal fragment, allowing Sophie to begin the next chapter of her life free from pain and fear.

A few months later, Sophie’s capacity to love and trust again was richly rewarded. A retired veteran named Terry, himself wounded during the Vietnam War, met Sophie and the pair took to each other immediately. Because of your passionate support, Sophie found her perfect companion and Terry found a resilient dog eager to love again.

Thank you for gracing Sophie, and thousands more pets like her, with a second chance at a new life.