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All of us have had special friends in our lives. Some of them walk on two legs, and some on four. They are all important, but it’s the four-footed ones that ask for nothing more than a full bowl, a warm bed and a gentle hand.

These same friends sometimes need our help. Most people know that Animal Humane New Mexico provides life-saving medical treatment, shelter and loving homes to pets in need. Did you also know that your support helps prevent abuse and neglect from happening in the first place?

Our K-12 Learn Humane curriculum teaches children (and adults) how to build caring and compassionate relationships with their pets. By teaching kids about kindness to pets right in their classroom, and having them here at our shelter for Camp Humane, we are raising the next generation of responsible pet lovers.

Your kind, steady support makes all of it possible.

With your help, Animal Humane will continue to provide life-saving care to pets and prevent the abuse and neglect of those who cannot help themselves.

P.S. Do you know a child who loves pets? We would love to see them at Camp Humane this summer! Learn more here.