Melissa found homes for 22 pets in February, making her our top Adoptions Advisor!

One of these pets was Pixel, a small Chihuahua that Melissa recommended to a couple whose dog wasn’t getting along with the other pets they’d tried to introduce during a meet & greet. Thinking a smaller dog would be the right match, for their pet, Melissa suggested Pixel – and the introduction went perfectly.

Melissa says that she’s never not excited to come to work, and that being able to get to know the pets so well is rewarding, not only for her, but for the families she is able to help find their perfect pets.

Currently, Lua is one of Melissa’s favorite pet residents. “I love the teeny steps she takes when she walks, and the way her lips get caught over her teeth. Lua is only two, but she’s such a calm lap dog. I can’t wait to see her find her forever home!”

Update: Lua found her forever home on March 17, 2015!

Congratulations to Melissa! We are so appreciative of her talent and compassion for the pets in our care!