Behavior Assessments

Behavior Assessments

Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming (SAFER®) is a seven-step handling and resource test utilized by Animal Humane to evaluate the behavioral health of dogs entering our campus. All dogs six-months and older receive this basic testing. It is one tool, along with relinquishment surveys, veterinary examinations, and observations from our team and volunteers that helps to determine adoptability.

Shelters that employ SAFER® or other research-based behavior assessments report fewer aggression complaints, more adoptions and better interactions with the public.

Animal Humane uses ASPCA’s Meet Your Match® (MYM) program designed to increase the likelihood of matching shelter dogs (six months and older) with the ideal adopters. Animal Humane profiles each dog in our care, categorizing energy levels, learning styles, play preferences and other personality attributes. This valuable program helps you find a canine companion that best fits your lifestyle. This initial compatibility between dog and adopter lays the foundation for a successful long-term relationship with this new member of your family.

Our Dog Adopter Survey: Adopters will be asked to complete a brief, one-page survey upon arriving at one of our two adoption centers. According to the preferences noted in your survey, adopters will be assigned a color that matches a Canine-ality category. Adopters are encouraged to meet dogs with their same color given that these pets have similar personality traits to their prospective owners. Adopters may adopt outside their ‘color’ (purple, orange, green); however, our Canine-ality Assessment has a high success rate for finding the perfect matches between canines and humans.

Our Canine-ality Assessment: The assessment evaluates a dog’s friendliness, sociability, playfulness, energy level, ability to focus, motivation and manners. Adoptable canines are given a color and description that identifies their personalities. Some are laid-back purple ‘couch potatoes,’ others are curious orange ‘busy bees,’ and some are action hero green ‘go-getter’ types.

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