505 Pit Crew

505 Pit Crew is a youth-oriented program aimed at addressing illegal dog-fighting, most often Pit Bulls, for illegal gambling or gang-related purposes.pit crew graphic Many of the people who become involved in cruel and inhumane dog-fighting activities are introduced to it before the age of 9 and are forcing their own dogs to fight by their teen years. Studies have shown that involvement in dog-fighting often leads to involvement in other illegal activities, and young people involved in illegal dog-fighting therefore not only hurt their dogs, but eventually themselves and their communities. 505 Pit Crew program combines humane education and outreach with free dog training classes in an effort to divert youth from dog fighting and provide them with the education and tools needed for responsible dog ownership. 

If you are an educator, parent, or Pit Bull-owning teen or adult interested in helping 505 Pit Crew in its mission to end dog fighting in New Mexico, please visit the links below for more information. 

For Pit Bull Owners

Do you own a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix? Interested in training or agility classes?

For Educators and Parents

Help us to educate youth about this important issue.