Vaccination Clinic

We offer a monthly Vaccination Clinic that is available to the general public on the first Friday of each month from¬† 8-11 am. All clients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis; no appointment needed or offered.

Vaccines, microchips, and canine heartworm testing/preventative medication are the only services available; for any other service, you must qualify for service and call to make an appointment during regular business hours at 505.217.0300.

Vaccination clinics are open to the public regardless of income; prices are the same for everyone.

Vaccination Clinic Services & Pricing

Vaccine and Microchip Packages

K9 Kit-n-Kaboodle - $35*
Includes rabies, DA2PP (distemper/parvo) and microchip

K9 Kit-n-Kaboodle + bordetella - $40*

Feline Kitten Kaboodle - $35*
Includes rabies, FVRCP, and microchip

*All packages include rabies 1 year vaccine. Rabies 3 year vaccine is $5 more

Individual Services for Dogs and Cats

  • FVRCP for cats - $11
  • DA2PP distemper/parvo complex for dogs - $14
  • Bordetella vaccine for dogs - $9
  • Rabies 1 year vaccine for dogs & cats - $8
  • Rabies 3 year vaccine for dogs & cats - $14
  • Microchip (includes registration) - $20

Clinic Location

Our Clinic is located at our Main Campus, 615 Virginia St SE

Hours of Operation

Depending on the service you are utilizing at our Clinic, the hours vary.