Why test your dog for heartworms?

In the pulmonary arteries of an infected dog, the worm’s presence generates a strong inflammatory response and a tendency for blood to inappropriately clot. If enough worms are present, your pet’s heart must work extra hard to pump blood through plugged arteries. Over time, severe lung and heart disease will develop and lead to death.

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Why is it important to give my dog preventive medication?

Because of where parasites live and the problems they cause in your dog’s body, treatment can be extremely dangerous and painful to your pet. If the heartworms have started to cause changes in the heart and lungs, the effects are irreversible. For instance, if the heart is starting to enlarge and not work well because of the worms, your dog will always have this heart condition, even if the worms are killed.
While preventive medication is affordable, treatment can be very expensive and involves blood work, chest X-rays, oral medications, muscle injections and confinement to a small area for several months while being treated.

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