Project Fetch

In September 2007, a very skinny black lab  mix was brought to Animal Humane, along with 6 other dogs from the Aztec Animal Shelter, as part of our Project Fetch transfer program.   Given the limited population in Aztec, New Mexico, these 7 dogs had virtually no chance of finding homes and would very likely have been euthanized, so their journey to Albuquerque was a life saving one.
The black lab mix was named “Slim” at intake due to the fact you could see every rib and every vertebrae in his spine.  Later his name was changed to Steely Dan due to his unique coloring.  My husband and I adopted Dan two months later.  Dan was a survivor; smart and wily so I began training him in agility.  He is now the proud recipient of 4 AKC agility titles and an ambassador for shelter dogs at local agility trials. 

Dan’s is just one of the many rags-to-riches success stories for the lucky pets whose lives are saved by our Project Fetch Program.  Since 2008, over 3,400 pets have made the journey from shelters in Roswell, Artesia, Torrance County, Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces), Gallup, Aztec and Valencia County to name a few.  We also regularly transfer in pets from our partners at the City of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Shelters. 
Our most recent success was a transfer earlier this month from the Roswell Humane Society.  After careful screening by our team, led by Boni Galarneau, Foster Care/Rescue Coordinator, 19 lucky pets were loaded into our mobile adoption vehicle, Moby, for the trip back to Albuquerque.  They arrived on a Tuesday and were vetted and sterilized the following day by our ace Clinic team.  By the following Monday, 14 had already been adopted into new homes.p & W

Animal Humane is committed to saving more lives and not just here in Albuquerque.  Project Fetch is a critical program serving shelters throughout the State.  It is a flagship program that exemplifies why we are named “Animal Humane New Mexico.”signature



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