Circle of Care



  • Animal Humane has adopted 100% of the healthy pets in our care since January 2010!
  • Our Meet-Your-Match program successfully pairs people & pets with similar personalities…leading to permanent placements of homeless pets.
  • Hundreds of young, fearful and recovering pets are nurtured through our Foster Care Program annually.
  • 3 locations care for 5,400 pets each year.
  • Project Fetch transfers in homeless pets from 25 New Mexico shelters—many in rural communities—and saves hundreds of pets from uncertain fates annually.


  • Each week our Pet Food Bank distributes 3,000 lbs. of food to pet owners in need, statewide rescue groups and homebound senior citizens.
  • A FREE Behavior Hotline shares valuable tips with pet parents and works to keep pets with their owners.
  • Warm Hearts Network, a pet team therapy program, operates 35 certified teams to work in hospitals, assisted care and rehabilitation facilities, providing a bright spot in the day for these patients.

Veterinary Care

  • Our expert medical team cares for every homeless pet in their care—5,400 pets annually.
  • Our clinic serves as New Mexico’s first donor-subsidized clinic for low-income pet owners, seeing 5,300 appointments annually.
  • Nearly 1/3 of our clinic clients are senior citizens.
  • Our high-volume spay/neuter program averages 8,000 sterilizations a year!
  • Our donor supported Pet Save Fund may be available to cover the cost of critical veterinary care in order to allow beloved pets to stay in loving homes. Pet Save funding removes the financial barriers that often keep pet parents from seeking emergency medical care that would save their pet’s life.


  • Rewards-based Train Humane classes for dogs are offered at each of our three locations.
  • Agility classes open to the public provide the ideal way to celebrate the joys of dog ownership, by building special bonds through training in our beautiful Dog Agility Park.
  • 400+ volunteers ensure that every pet in our care receives TLC—from cuddles in the Cat House to play time in our Dog Park, resident pets are treated as if they were our own.


  • Learn Humane teaches young children about responsible pet ownership and works to end pet homelessness though increased awareness in our community.
  • Spay New Mexico serves the entire state with a toll free number and website to help pet owners find affordable spay/neuter services in their community.
  • Pit Crew 505 combines humane education and outreach to local middle and high schools with free dog training classes in an effort to divert youth from dog fighting and provide them with the education and tools needed for responsible dog ownership.