About Us

Animal Humane is committed to being the leader in next-generation animal shelters. We have proactively developed a full-range of programs and services dedicated to helping people connect with a lifelong companion and working with them to keep that relationship balanced and happy.

On every level of interaction we strive to create positive, hopeful experiences that can change lives. Our pet residents will always be provided a healthy, safe, loving environment. Our customers can expect to be treated with compassion and respect, and our supporters can trust in our integrity, dedication, competence and transparent accountability.

Our Vision

A society in which every animal is treated with respect and compassion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and improve the lives of New Mexico's cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education and veterinary services.

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Our History

Founded in 1965, Animal Humane has a rich history. Learn more:
The Early Years