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  • Give homeless pets a second chance!

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Juju, a senior Tabby, came to us in need of a fresh start. The 7-year-old feline was transferred from another shelter, with nothing known about her past. Upon meeting her, however, we knew two things: she was beautiful, and she was very shy. While it took a fair amount of coaxing in those early days, Juju slowly came out of her shell, showing a spirited personality that belied her years. To showcase her unique charm, we placed Juju in our Cats Around Town (CAT) adoption program at the Albuquerque Cat Clinic. There, our CAT partners did an excellent job socializing Juju and increasing her comfort level around people. A month later, a woman met Juju and just knew she’d be a perfect companion for a friend. Upon meeting, the two fell in love and Juju was adopted by her wonderful pet parent. Your generosity allows us to give shy cats like Juju the time, love and support they need to find their way to their perfect forever home. A big thank you to our Adoptions Team, CAT partner Albuquerque Cat Clinic, and our amazing donors for helping to write this happy ending for Juju. Together, we give many more pets a second chance and a fresh start.
  • Give homeless pets a second chance!

    Make a one-time donation: Submit We all know the power that cats and dogs have to lavish affection on their families. But some pets astound us with their ability to love — even after unimaginable trauma. One such special dog, named Sophie, reminded us all that a second chance, whether granted or received, is an incredible gift. Sophie was brought to Animal Humane by a woman who found the Labrador/Hound mix in her backyard. When our Clinic Team examined Sophie, they discovered that her face and jaw were riddled with shrapnel. We suspect Sophie had either been shot or that something exploded close to her face. Our dedicated Clinic Team carefully removed each metal fragment, allowing Sophie to begin the next chapter of her life free from pain and fear. A few months later, Sophie’s capacity to love and trust again was richly rewarded. A retired veteran named Terry, himself wounded during the Vietnam War, met Sophie and the pair took to each other immediately. Because of your passionate support, Sophie found her perfect companion and Terry found a resilient dog eager to love again. Thank you for gracing Sophie, and thousands more pets like her, with a second chance at a new life.
  • Will you give them a hand?

    Make a one-time donation: Submit Baxter, a young Hound/Great Pyrenees mix, came to our shelter last summer ready to give his love and devotion to a new owner. His sweet and attentive nature brought him interest from adopters, but over several weeks he still had not found his perfect fit… that is, until Chelsea and her four-year-old daughter Neeva arrived at Animal Humane New Mexico. Shortly after Neeva was born, her parents discovered that she could not hear. As she grew, her family adapted to using sign language, including the family pets. When they arrived at Animal Humane, they let our Adoptions Advisors know that their top priority was to find a dog who would be great with Neeva. As soon as Chelsea saw how calm and attentive Baxter was with Neeva, she knew they had found their little girl’s best friend. Neeva and Baxter are now inseparable, giving each other love, attention and support. Neeva has a constant companion who understands her and Baxter has a loving family. Your generous support makes happiness possible for dogs like Baxter and for the families who love them. More than 4,000 pets like Baxter will be adopted this year.  Let’s give them a hand and save their lives together!